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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess1-Jul-200224Abbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi
closedAccess2001Adaptive Learning versus Punishment in Ultimatum BargainingAbbink, Klaus; Bolton, Gary E.; Sadrieh, Abdolkarim
openAccess2005An experimental test of design alternatives for the British 3G/UMTS auctionAbbink, Klaus; Irlenbusch, B.; Pezanis-Christou, Paul; Rockenbach, B.; Sadrieh, Abdolkarim; Selten, R.
openAccess1-Feb-2002Asymmetric demand information in uniform and discriminatory call auctions: an experimental analysis motivated by electricity marketsAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; McDaniel, Tanga
openAccess1-Nov-2002Auctions for Government Securities: A Laboratory Comparison of Uniform, Discriminatory and Spanish DesignsAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; Pezanis-Christou, Paul
openAccess1-Feb-2005Collusion in Growing and Shrinking Markets: Empirical Evidence from Experimental DuopoliesAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi
closedAccess2010Drei OligopolexperimenteBrandts, Jordi; Abbink, Klaus
openAccess15-Jan-2008Inter-Group Conflict and Intra-Group Punishment in an Experimental Contest GameAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; Herrmann, Benedikt; Orzen, Henrik
closedAccessOct-2012Parochial altruism in inter-group conflictsAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; Hermann, Benedikt; Orzen, Henrik
openAccess1-Mar-2007Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental EvidenceAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi
openAccess1-Nov-2002Price competition under cost uncertainty: A laboratory analysisAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi
openAccess1-Mar-2001The Spanish Auction for Government Securities: A Laboratory AnalysisAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; Pezanis-Christou, Paul
openAccess22-Sep-2010The Donor Problem: An Experimental Analysis of Beneficiary EmpowermentAbbink, Klaus; Matthew, Ellman