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2013Acinetobacter nectaris sp. nov. and Acinetobacter boissieri sp. nov., isolated from floral nectar of wild Mediterranean insect-pollinated plantsÁlvarez-Pérez, Sergio; Lievens, Bart; Jacquemyn, Hans; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
2013Composition, richness and nonrandom assembly of culturable bacterial-microfungal communities in floral nectar of Mediterranean plantsÁlvarez-Pérez, Sergio; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
2013Multilocus Sequence Analysis of Nectar Pseudomonads Reveals High Genetic Diversity and Contrasting Recombination PatternsÁlvarez-Pérez, Sergio; Vega, Clara de; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Aug-2012Zooming-in on floral nectar: a first exploration of nectar-associated bacteria in wild plant communitiesÁlvarez-Pérez, Sergio; Herrera, Carlos M.; Vega, Clara deArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4