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2007Demographic structure of early stages of Engraulis encrasicolus and Sardinella aurita and water mass circulation in the southern Catalan seaOlivar, M. Pilar; Emelianov, Mikhail; Uriarte, Ibon; Vellarte, F.; Álvarez, Ignacio; Morote, Elvira; Fuerstenau, B.; Molí Ferrer, BalbinaArtículo
3-May-2010The role of oceanographic conditions and plankton availability in larval fish assemblages off the Catalan coast (NW Mediterranean)Olivar, M. Pilar; Emelianov, Mikhail; Villate, Fernando; Uriarte, Ibon; Maynou, Francesc; Álvarez, Ignacio; Morote, ElviraArtículo
May-2010Vertical distribution of anchovy early stages in the Alboran Sea: validating tools for IBM ecology in a regional contextCatalán, Ignacio Alberto; Álvarez, Ignacio; Solé, J.; Macías, Diego; Ruiz Segura, Javier; Tintoré, Joaquín; Morales-Nin, BeatrizComunicación de congreso

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3