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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007Genome size in Asteraceae: state-of-art and perspectivesGarnatje, Teresa  ; Garcia, Sònia  ; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joanartículo
openAccessgenome_size_study.pdf.jpg2010Genome Size Study in the Valerianaceae: First Results and New HypothesesHidalgo, Oriane ; Mathez, Joël; Garcia, Sònia  ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joanartículo
openAccess2010 AfrJBiotec.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2010Genome size unaffected by moderate changes in climate and phosphorus availability in mediterranean plantsPellicer, Jaume; Estiarte, Marc; Garcia, Sònia  ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Peñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Vallès, Joanartículo
closedAccess5-Sep-2013Genome size variation and evolution in the family AsteraceaeVallès, Joan; Canela, Miguel A.; Garcia, Sònia  ; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Pellicer, Jaume; Sánchez-Jiménez, Ismael ; Siljak-Yakovlev, S.; Vitales, Daniel ; Garnatje, Teresa  artículo
embargoedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2020Genome size variation at constant chromosome number is not correlated with repetitive DNA dynamism in Anacyclus (Asteraceae)Vitales, Daniel ; Álvarez, Inés; Garcia, Sònia  ; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Nieto Feliner, Gonzalo ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; Garnatje, Teresa  artículo
closedAccess6-Apr-2011GSAD: A Genome Size in the Asteraceae DatabaseGarnatje, Teresa  ; Canela, Miguel A.; Garcia, Sònia  ; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Pellicer, Jaume; Sánchez-Jiménez, Ismael ; Siljak-Yakovlev, S.; Vitales, Daniel ; Vallès, Joanartículo
openAccessimpact-disploidy-and-polyploidy-on-the-diversification-high-mountain-Garnatje-T-2015.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2015Impact of dysploidy and polyploidy on the diversification of high mountain Artemisia (Asteraceae) and alliesMas de Xaxars, Gemma; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Pellicer, Jaume; Siljak-Yakovlev, S.; Vallès, Joan; Garcia, Sònia  artículo
openAccesskey-processes-for-cheirolophus-Asteraceae-diversification-on-oceanic-islands-inferred-from-AFLP-data-vitales-daniel2014.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2014Key Processes for Cheirolophus (Asteraceae) Diversification on Oceanic Islands Inferred from AFLP DataVitales, Daniel ; García-Fernández, Alfredo ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo; Cowan, Robyn S.; Fay, Michael F.; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Garnatje, Teresa  artículo
openAccesslife_cycle_versus_systematic_placement_garnatje2014.pdf.jpg2014Life cycle versus systematic placement: phylogenetic and cytogenetic studies in annual Artemisia (Asteraceae, Anthemideae)Pellicer, Jaume; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Kondo, Katsuhiko; Vallès, Joanartículo
closedAccess2009Linkage of 35S and 5S rRNA genes in Artemisia (family Asteraceae): first evidence from angiospermsGarcia, Sònia  ; Lim, K. Y.; Chester, M.; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; Leitch, A. R.; Kovarik, Alesartículo
openAccessTG 2008 Collect Bot.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2008Molecular cytogenetic characterization of some representatives of the subgenera Artemisia and Absinthium (genus Artemisia, Asteraceae)Pellicer, Jaume; Garcia, Sònia  ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Siljak-Yakovlev, S.; Vallès, Joanartículo
openAccessTG 2015 Recent Advances Pharm Sci.pdf.jpg2015Molecular insights into the diversification of Cheirolophus (Asteraceae) in MacaronesiaVitales, Daniel ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; Garnatje, Teresa  capítulo de libro
closedAccess2010Origin and evolution of the South American endemic Artemisia species (Asteraceae): evidence from molecular phylogeny, ribosomal DNA and genome size dataPellicer, Jaume; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Molero Briones, Julián; Pustahija, Fatima; Siljak-Yakovlev, S.; Vallès, Joanartículo
openAccessPO_TG Sep-2009 Bot J Linn Soc_OK.pdf.jpg2009Palynological study of Ajania Poljakov and related genera (Asteraceae, Anthemideae)Pellicer, Jaume; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Garcia, Sònia  ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Korobkov, Aleksandr A.; Vallès, Joan; Martín, Joanartículo
closedAccessJun-2011Phylogenetic relationships of Artemisia subg. Dracunculus (Asteraceae) based on ribosomal and chloroplast DNA sequences.Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; Korobkov, Aleksandr A.; Garnatje, Teresa  artículo
openAccessPhylogeographic_insights_Garnatje_2017.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2017Phylogeographic insights into Artemisia crithmifolia (Asteraceae) reveal several areas of the Iberian Atlantic coast as refugia for genetic diversityGarcía-Fernández, Alfredo ; Vitales, Daniel ; Pellicer, Jaume; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Vallès, Joanartículo
openAccessPhylogeographic-insights-of-the-lowland-species-Cheirolophus-sempervirens-in-the-southwestern-Iberian-Peninsula-Vitales-D-2016.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2015Phylogeographic insights of the lowland species Cheirolophus sempervirens in the southwestern Iberian PeninsulaVitales, Daniel ; García-Fernández, Alfredo ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Jaumeartículo
openAccesspolyploidi_and_other_changes.pdf.jpgAug-2012Polyploidy and other changes at chromosomal level and in genome size: Its role in systematics and evolution exemplified by some genera of Anthemideae and Cardueae (Asteraceae)Vallès, Joan; Pellicer, Jaume; Sánchez-Jiménez, Ismael ; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Vitales, Daniel ; Garcia, Sònia  ; Garcia, Sònia  ; Martín, Joan; Garnatje, Teresa  artículo
openAccessrecent-updates-developments-garnatje-teresa2014.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2013Recent updates and developments to plant genome size databasesGarcia, Sònia  ; Leitch, Ilia J.; Anadon-Rosell, Alba; Canela, Miguel A.; Gálvez, Francisco; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Gras, Airy ; Hidalgo, Oriane ; Johnston, Emmeline; Mas de Xaxars, Gemma; Pellicer, Jaume; Siljak-Yakovlev, S.; Vallès, Joan; Vitales, Daniel ; Bennett, Michael D.artículo
closedAccess2009Ribosomal DNA, heterochromatin, and correlation with genome size in diploid and polyploid North American endemic sagebrushes (Artemisia, Asteraceae)Garcia, Sònia  ; Garcia, Sònia  ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; McArthur, E. D.; Siljak-Yakovlev, S.artículo