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openAccessorophytism yclimaticiberianmountain808.pdf.jpg1984Orophytism and climatic stress in grasslands of the Iberian Mountain System (Spain)Gómez Sal, A.; Oliver, Salvador; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús artículo
openAccesspastosxerofiticosteruel1984805.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Professional.pdf.jpg1984Los pastos xerofíticos de la montaña de Teruel y factores que influyen en su variaciónGómez Sal, A.; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccessjuniperus sativa782.pdf.jpg1986Quality and composition of juniperus sativa l. pastures and according to management and environmental factorsGómez Sal, A.; Oliver, Salvador; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús artículo
openAccesspastosxxii1992068.pdf.jpg1992Relaciones ecológicas entre especies pascícolas y factores edáficos en áreas degradadas de la submeseta surPastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Oliver, Salvador; García-Álvarez, Avelino artículo
openAccesssoilmanagement1993108.pdf.jpg1993Relations between the yield and root and soil characteristics of species from Mediterranean pasture ecosystemsHernández, Ana Jesús; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Estalrich, E.; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccessworkshoprocedings1994122.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Professional.pdf.jpg1994Response of Mediterranean rangeland species (plant weigbt and mineral composition) to water conditions.Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Hernández, Ana Jesús; Rey Benayas, J.M.; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
closedAccessresponsewild1993.pdf.jpg1993Response of wild subclovers to soil calcium in xeric and acid Spanish soilsPastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Martín Ramos, Amalia; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccessXXVIRCSEEP1986113.pdf.jpg1986Respuesta de las plantas de la erosion en ambiente continental ibéricoGómez Sal, A.; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccesslsimilitaryinp1992845.pdf.jpg1992Similitary in P Flows Behaviour in Terrestria and Aquatic EcosystemsHernández, Ana Jesús; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccessIICongresofederationeuropeansocietiesplantphysiology1980099.pdf.jpg1980Sodium and potassium uptake by subclovers with respect to soil exchangeable sodiumMartín Ramos, Amalia; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg1994Soil factors and Fe content in wild herbaceous plantsPastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Hernández, Ana Jesús; Estalrich, E.; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccessivcongressintermontpellier1991028.pdf.jpg1991Study of plant biomass in oligotropic pasture communities of western central SpainHernández, Ana Jesús; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; González, Tomás; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccessproceedings1975831.pdf.jpg1973The subterranean clover in some si tes from Central Spain. Preliminary experiments on its response to shade and low temperaturesPastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Martín, A.; Mendizabal, Teresa; Oliver, Salvadorartículo
openAccessherbaceous species spain790.pdf.jpg1993Use of herbaceous species in land reclamation of dump areas in Central SpainUrcelay, A.; Pastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Oliver, Salvador; Sánchez, Agustín; Hernández, Ana Jesúsartículo
openAccessproceedingstwelfth1992029.pdf.jpg1992VVild Clovers on the Reclamación of Mediterranean Degraded LandsPastor Piñeiro, Jesús ; Urcelay, A.; Hernández, Ana Jesús; Oliver, Salvadorartículo