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closedAccess2010A Mutant D-Fructose-6-Phosphate Aldolase (Ala129Ser) with Improved Affinity towards Dihydroxyacetone for the Synthesis of Polyhydroxylated CompoundsCastillo Expósito, José A.; Guérard-Hélaine, Christine; Gutiérrez, Mariana ; Garrabou, Xavier ; Sancelme, Martine; Schürmann, Melanie; Inoue, Tomoyuki; Hélaine, Virgil; Charmantray, Franck; Gefflaut, Thierry; Hecquet, Laurence; Joglar Tamargo, Jesús ; Clapés Saborit, Pere  ; Sprenger, Georg A.; Lemaire, Marielleartículo
openAccessBiocatalytic Aldol Addition of Simple Aliphatic Nucleophiles to.pdf.jpg8-Aug-2018Biocatalytic Aldol Addition of Simple Aliphatic Nucleophiles to HydroxyaldehydesRoldán, Raquel; Hernández Sánchez, Karel ; Joglar Tamargo, Jesús ; Bujons, Jordi; Parella, Teodor; Sánchez-Moreno, Israel ; Hélaine, Virgil; Lemaire, Marielle; Guérard-Hélaine, Christine; Fessner, Wolf Dieter; Clapés Saborit, Pere  artículo
closedAccessBreaking the dogma of aldolase specificitypostprint.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2017Breaking the Dogma of Aldolase Specificity: Simple Aliphatic Ketones and Aldehydes are Nucleophiles for Fructose-6-phosphate AldolaseRoldán, Raquel; Sánchez-Moreno, Israel ; Scheidt, Thomas; Hélaine, Virgil; Lemaire, Marielle; Parella, T.; Clapés Saborit, Pere  ; Fessner, Wolf Dieter; Guérard-Hélaine, Christineartículo
openAccessL-Rhamnulose-1-phosphate Aldolase from Thermotoga maritima.pdf.jpg26-May-2015L-Rhamnulose-1-phosphate Aldolase from Thermotoga maritima in Organic Synthesis: One-pot Multistep Reactions for the Preparation of Imino- and NitrocyclitolsOroz-Guinea, Isabel ; Hernández, Karel; Camps Bres, Flora; Guérard-Hélaine, Christine; Lemaire, Marielle; Clapés Saborit, Pere  ; García-Junceda, Eduardo  artículo
openAccessJMOLCATALB_accepted.pdf.jpg2015L-Rhamnulose-1-phosphate and L-fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase mediated multi-enzyme cascade systems for nitrocyclitol synthesisCamps Bres, Flora; Guérard-Hélaine, Christine; Hélaine, Virgil; Fernandes, Carlos; Sánchez-Moreno, Israel ; Traïkia, Mounir; García-Junceda, Eduardo  ; Lemaire, Marielleartículo
openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012One-pot cascade reactions using fructose-6-phosphate aldolase: Efficient synthesis of D-arabinose 5-phosphate, D-fructose 6-phosphate and analoguesSánchez-Moreno, Israel ; Hélaine, Virgil; Poupard, N.; Charmantray, Franck; Légeret, B.; Hecquet, Laurence; García-Junceda, Eduardo  ; Wohlgemuth, R.; Guérard-Hélaine, Christine; Lemaire, Marielleartículo