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openAccessPhysiol_Plant_137_2009.pdf.jpg2009Acclimation to future atmospheric CO2 levels increases photochemical efficiency and mitigates photochemistry inhibition by warm temperatures in wheat under field chambers.Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Elena; Pérez Pérez, Pilar ; Morcuende, Rosa  ; Verdejo, Ángel L. ; Martínez-Carrasco, Rafael artículo
openAccess16-Sep-2010Aclimatación de la fotosíntesis en el dosel vegetal del trigo al aumento del CO2 atmosférico. Función del nitrógeno y las citoquininas en cultivos en cámaras de campo con clima mediterráneo.Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego tesis doctoral
openAccessAngiosperm_Cervantes_Art2019.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2019An angiosperm species dataset reveals relationships between seed size and two-dimensional shapeCervantes, Emilio  ; Martín Gómez, José Javier ; Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Silva Dias, Luísartículo
openAccessJPGR_28_2009.pdf.jpg2009Changes in leaf morphology and composition with future increases in CO2 and temperature revisited. Wheat in field chambers.Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Elena; Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Morcuende, Rosa  ; Verdejo, Ángel L. ; Kostadinova, Svetla; Martínez-Carrasco, Rafael ; Pérez Pérez, Pilar artículo
openAccessEnviron Exp Bot_59_2007.pdf.jpg2007Gas exchange acclimation to elevated CO2 in upper-sunlit and lower-shaded canopy leaves in relation to nitrogen acquisition and partitioning in wheat grown in field chambers.Pozo, Alejandro del; Pérez Pérez, Pilar ; Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Alonso, Aitor ; Morcuende, Rosa  ; Martínez-Carrasco, Rafael artículo
openAccess7-Jun-2013Involvement of nitrogen and cytokinins in photosynthetic acclimation to elevated CO2 of spring wheatGutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Morcuende, Rosa  ; Pozo, Alejandro del; Martínez-Carrasco, Rafael ; Pérez Pérez, Pilar artículo
openAccessGogorcenaY_TreePhysiol_2013.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2013Physiological, biochemical and molecular responses in four Prunus rootstocks submitted to drought stressJiménez Tarodo, Sergio ; Dridi, Jihène ; Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Moret-Fernández, David  ; Irigoyen, Juan José ; Moreno Sánchez, María Ángeles  ; Gogorcena Aoiz, Yolanda  artículo
openAccess2011Restoration of photosystem II photochemistry and carbon assimilation and related changes in chlorophyll and protein contents during the rehydration of desiccated Xerophyta scabrida leaves.Pérez Pérez, Pilar ; Rabnecz, G.; Laufer, Z.; Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Tuba, Z.; Martínez-Carrasco, Rafael artículo
openAccessSEED SHAPE QUANTIFICATION IN THE MALVACEAE.pdf.jpg2019Seed shape quantification in the Malvaceae reveals cardioid-shaped seeds predominantly in herbs.Martín Gómez, José Javier ; Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Cervantes, Emilio  artículo