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openAccess16-Oct-2017Connection between two- and three-body systems in an oscillator trap and D-dimensional calculationsGarrido, Eduardo presentación
openAccessGarrido.pdf.jpg2011Direct and sequential radiative three-body reaction rates at low temperaturesGarrido, Eduardo ; Diego, Raul de ; Fedorov, D.V.; Jensen, A.S.preprint
openAccesssarri_prc60.pdf.jpg15-Nov-1999Effective density-dependent pairing forces in the T=1 and T=0 channelsGarrido, Eduardo ; Sarriguren, Pedro ; Moya de Guerra, Elvira ; Schuck, P.artículo
closedAccess1-May-2007Efimov effect and three-body decayJensen, A.S.; Fedorov, D.V.; Álvarez-Rodríguez, Raquel ; Garrido, Eduardo artículo
openAccessefimov effect.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2006Efimov Effect in Nuclear Three-Body Resonance DecaysGarrido, Eduardo ; Fedorov, D.V.; Jensen, A.S.artículo
openAccessEmergence of Clusters.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2018Emergence of Clusters: Halos, Efimov States, and Experimental SignalsHove, D.; Garrido, Eduardo ; Sarriguren, Pedro ; Fedorov, D. V.; Fynbo, H. O. U.; Jensen, A. S.; Zinner, N. T.artículo
openAccessEmergent.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2016Emergent universality in the two-neutron halo structure of 22CSouza, L. A.; Garrido, Eduardo ; Frederico, T.artículo
closedAccess15-Jan-2007Energy distributions of charged particles from three-body decayGarrido, Eduardo ; Fedorov, D.V.; Fynbo, H.O.U.; Jensen, A.S.artículo
openAccessJensen.pdf.jpg2011Few-body Decay and Recombination in Nuclear AstrophysicsJensen, A.S.; Fedorov, D.V.; Diego, Raul de ; Garrido, Eduardo ; Álvarez-Rodríguez, Raquel preprint
embargoedAccessFew-body quantum.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2019Few-body quantum method in a d-dimensional spaceGarrido, Eduardo ; Jensen, A.S.; Álvarez-Rodríguez, R.artículo
openAccessFew-body techniques.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2018Few-Body Techniques Using Coordinate Space for Bound and Continuum StatesGarrido, Eduardo artículo
openAccesspreprint.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2011General integral relations for the description of scattering states using the hyperspherical adiabatic basisRomero-Redondo, Carolina ; Garrido, Eduardo ; Barletta, P.; Kievsky, A.; Viviani, M.preprint
openAccessGarrido.pdf.jpg2012Inelastic cross sections and continuum transitions illustrated by 8Be resultsGarrido, Eduardo ; Jensen, A.S.; Fedorov, D.V.artículo
openAccessGarrido2.pdf.jpg2012Integral relations and the adiabatic expansion method for 1+2 reactions above the breakup threshold: Helium trimers with soft-core potentialsGarrido, Eduardo ; Romero-Redondo, Carolina ; Kievsky, A.; Viviani, M.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Integral Relations for Multichannel ReactionsRomero-Redondo, Carolina ; Garrido, Eduardo ; Kievsky, A.; Barletta, P.; Viviani, M.artículo
openAccessBarletta.pdf.jpg2009Integral relations for three-body continuum states with the adiabatic expansionBarletta, Paolo; Romero-Redondo, Carolina ; Kievsky, A.; Viviani, M.; Garrido, Eduardo artículo
closedAccess23-Mar-2007Isospin mixing and energy distributions in three-body decayGarrido, Eduardo ; Fedorov, D.V.; Fynbo, H.O.U.; Jensen, A.S.artículo
openAccessAlvarez.pdf.jpg2011Momentum distributions from three-body decaying 9Be and 9B resonancesÁlvarez-Rodríguez, Raquel ; Jensen, A.S.; Fedorov, D.V.; Garrido, Eduardo artículo
openAccessMomentum.pdf.jpg1-Jun-1996Momentum distributions of particles from three-body halo fragmentation: Final state interactionsGarrido, Eduardo ; Fedorov, D. V.; Jensen, A. S.artículo
openAccessMomentum.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2008Momentum distributions of α particles from decaying low-lying C12 resonancesÁlvarez-Rodríguez, R.; Jensen, A. S.; Garrido, Eduardo ; Fedorov, D. V.; Fynbo, H. O. U.artículo