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openAccessApr-2007Copepods come in first: rapid colonization of new temporary pondsFrisch, Dagmar ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessLimnetica_32v1_2013.pdf.jpg2013Endozoochory of seeds and invertebrates by migratory waterbirds in Oklahoma, USAGreen, Andy J. ; Frisch, Dagmar ; Michot, Thomas C.; Allain, L.K.; Barrow, W.C.artículo
openAccessDec-2007High dispersal capacity of a broad spectrum of aquatic invertebrates via waterbirdsFrisch, Dagmar ; Green, Andy J. ; Figuerola, Jordi artículo
openAccessAug-2006Invasion of artificial ponds in Don˜ana Natural Park, southwest Spain, by an exotic estuarine copepodFrisch, Dagmar ; Rodríguez-Pérez, Héctor ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccesssrep43983.pdf.jpg2017Isolation mediates persistent founder effects on zooplankton colonisation in new temporary pondsBadosa, Anna ; Frisch, Dagmar ; Green, Andy J. ; Rico, Ciro ; Gómez, Áfricaartículo
openAccessNov-2010Phylogeny, molecular ecology and taxonomy of southern Iberian lineages of Triops mauritanicus (Crustacea: NotostracaKorn, M.; Green, Andy J. ; Machado, Margarida; Garcia de Lomas, J.; Cristo, M.; Cancela da Fonseca, L.; Frisch, Dagmar ; Pérez-Bote, J.L.; Hundsdoerfer, A.K.artículo
openAccessMar-2009Recolonisation potential of zooplankton propagule banks in natural and agriculturally modified sections of a semiarid temporary stream (Don˜ ana, Southwest Spain)Frisch, Dagmar ; Arechederra, Arantza ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessAug-2010Recovery of zooplankton diversity in a restored Mediterranean temporary marsh in Don˜ ana National Park (SW Spain)Badosa, Anna ; Frisch, Dagmar ; Arechederra, Arantza ; Serrano Martín, Laura; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessFeb-2006Species richness and distribution of copepods and cladocerans and their relation to hydroperiod and other environmental variables in Donana, south-west SpainFrisch, Dagmar ; Moreno-Ostos, Enrique; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccessPLOSONE12.pdf.jpg2012Strong Spatial Influence on Colonization Rates in a Pioneer Zooplankton MetacommunityFrisch, Dagmar ; Kottenie, Karl; Badosa, Anna ; Green, Andy J. artículo
openAccess10.1007_s10530-012-0329-3.pdf.jpg2013The invasion history of the exotic freshwater zooplankter Daphnia lumholtzi (Cladocera, Crustacea) in North America: A genetic analysisFrisch, Dagmar ; Havel, J.E.; Weider, L.J.artículo