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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2011A modelling study on transmission of the central oscillator in tremor by a motor neuron poolGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Dideriksen, Jakob L.; Farina, Dario; Rocón, Eduardo ; Holobar, Ales; Pons Rovira, José Luis comunicación de congreso
openAccessgallego_et_al_TSMC-C.pdf.jpgNov-2012A multimodal human–robot interface to drive a neuroprosthesis for tremor managementGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Ibáñez Pereda, Jaime  ; Dideriksen, Jakob L.; Serrano, José Ignacio ; Castillo Sobrino, María Dolores del ; Farina, Dario; Rocón, Eduardo artículo
openAccessElectrical Stimulation of Afferent Pathways.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2017Electrical Stimulation of Afferent Pathways for the Suppression of Pathological TremorDideriksen, Jakob L.; Laine, Christopher M.; Dosen, S.; Muceli, S.; Rocón, Eduardo ; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Benito-León, Julián; Farina, Darioartículo
openAccessgallego_et_al_J_Neurophysiol_2014.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2014Influence of common synaptic input to motor neurons on the neural drive to muscle in essential tremorGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Dideriksen, Jakob L.; Holobar, Ales; Ibáñez Pereda, Jaime  ; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Louis, Elan D; Rocón, Eduardo ; Farina, Darioartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015One central oscillatory drive is compatible with experimental motor unit behaviour in essential and Parkinsonian tremorDideriksen, Jakob L.; Gallego, Juan Álvaro ; Holobar, Ales; Rocón, Eduardo ; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Farina, Darioartículo
openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Online Tremor Suppression Using Electromyography and Low Level Electrical StimulationDosen, Strahinja; Muceli, S.; Dideriksen, Jakob L.; Romero, Juan P.; Rocón, Eduardo ; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Farina, Darioartículo
openAccessStrength of Supraspinal.pdf.jpgJun-2015The phase difference between neural drives to antagonist muscles in essential tremor is associated with the relative strength of supraspinal and afferent inputGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Dideriksen, Jakob L.; Holobar, Ales; Ibáñez Pereda, Jaime  ; Glaser, Vojko; Romero, Juan P.; Benito-León, Julián; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Rocón, Eduardo ; Farina, Darioartículo