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openAccessBirdsSemiarid.PDF.jpg2014A resource-based modelling framework to assess habitat suitability for steppe birds in semiarid Mediterranean agricultural systemsCardador, Laura; Bota, Gerard; Giralt, David; Casas, Fabián; Arroyo, Beatriz ; Mougeot, François ; Brotons, Lluísartículo
openAccessele12172.pdf.jpg2013Addressing a critique of the TEASI framework for invasive species risk assessmentLeung, Brian; Roura-Pascual, N.; Bacher, Sven; Heikkilä, J.; Brotons, Lluís; Burgman, Mark A.; Dehnen-Schmutz, K.; Essl, Franz; Hulme, Philip E.; Richardson, David M.; Sol, Daniel; Vilà, Montserrat artículo
openAccessJan-2011Bird community specialization, bird conservation and disturbance: the role of wildfiresClavero, Miguel ; Brotons, Lluís; Herrando, Sergiartículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0018581.pdf.jpgApr-2011Climate Change or Land Use Dynamics: Do We Know What Climate Change Indicators Indicate?Clavero, Miguel ; Villero, Daniel; Brotons, Lluísartículo
openAccessNov-2007Community-based processes behind species richness gradients: contrasting abundance–extinction dynamics and sampling effects in areas of low and high productivityCarnicer, Jofre ; Brotons, Lluís; Sol, Daniel; Jordano, Pedro  artículo
openAccessConservationTraps.pdf.jpg2015Conservation traps and long-term species persistence in human-dominated systemsCardador, Laura; Brotons, Lluís; Mougeot, François ; Giralt, David; Bota, Gerard; Pomarol, Manel; Arroyo, Beatriz artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2015Coupling a water balance model with forest inventory data to predict drought stress: The role of forest structural changes vs. climate changesCáceres, Miquel de; Martínez-Vilalta, Jordi; Coll, Lluís; Llorens, Pilar ; Casals, Pere; Poyatos, Rafael ; Pausas, J. G. ; Brotons, Lluísartículo
openAccessHermoso_et_al-2017-Conservation_Letters.pdf.jpg2017EU's Conservation Efforts Need More Strategic Investment to Meet Continental CommitmentsHermoso, Virgilio; Clavero, Miguel ; Villero, Daniel; Brotons, Lluísartículo
closedAccessJan-2012Fine-scale bird monitoring from light unmanned aircraft systemsSardà-Palomera, Francesc; Bota, Gerard; Viñolo, Carlos; Pallarés, Oriol; Sazatornil, Víctor; Brotons, Lluís; Gomáriz, Spartacus; Sardà, Francisco artículo
openAccessSep-2010Functional homogenization of bird communities along habitat gradients: accounting for niche multidimensionalityClavero, Miguel ; Brotons, Lluísartículo
openAccessTrucha_final.pdf.jpg2017Historical citizen science to understand and predict climate-driven trout declineClavero, Miguel ; Ninyerola, Miquel; Hermoso, Virgilio; Filipe, Ana F.; Pla, M.; Villero, Daniel; Brotons, Lluís; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccess1489.pdf.jpgDec-2010Monitoring spatial and temporal dynamics of bird communities in Mediterranean landscapes affected by large wildfiresZozaya, Elena L.; Brotons, Lluís; Herrando, Sergi; Pons, Pere; Rost, J.; Clavero, Miguel artículo
openAccessDec-2010Natural, human and spatial constraints to expanding populations of otters in the Iberian PeninsulaClavero, Miguel ; Hermoso, Virgilio; Brotons, Lluís; Delibes, M. artículo
openAccessOct-2009Prominent role of invasive species in avian biodiversity lossClavero, Miguel ; Brotons, Lluís; Pons, Pere; Sol, Danielartículo
openAccessvilà 2012.pdf.jpg2012TEASIng apart alien species risk assessments: A framework for best practicesLeung, B.; Roura-Pascual, N.; Bacher, Sven; Heikkilä, J.; Brotons, Lluís; Burgman, Mark A.; Dehnen-Schmutz, K.; Essl, Franz; Hulme, Philip E.; Richardson, David M.; Sol, Daniel; Vilà, Montserrat artículo
openAccessMay-2007The application of predictive modelling of species distribution to biodiversity conservationRodríguez, Jon Paul; Brotons, Lluís; Bustamante, Javier  ; Seoane, Javierartículo
openAccess2012The effect of postfire salvage logging on bird communities in Mediterranean pine forests: the benefits for declining speciesRost, J.; Clavero, Miguel ; Brotons, Lluís; Pons, Pereartículo
openAccessAlvaroJ_AgrEcosystEnvironm_2015.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Tools for exploring habitat suitability for steppe birds under land use change scenariosCardador, Laura; Giralt, David; Bota, Gerard; Arroyo, Beatriz ; Mougeot, François ; Casas, Fabián; Estrada, Alba ; Álvaro-Fuentes, Jorge  ; Brotons, Lluísartículo
closedAccessSep-2017Unmanned aircraft systems to unravel spatial and temporal factors affecting dynamics of colony formation and nesting success in birdsSardà-Palomera, Francesc; Bota, Gerard; Padilla, Núria; Brotons, Lluís; Sardà, Francisco artículo