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openAccessbenzannulation_Tejedor.pdf.jpg3-May-2017Diversifying Complexity by Domino Benzannulation of Polycyclic Natural ProductsTejedor, David  ; Delgado-Hernández, Samuel; Carballo, Ruben M.; Dapueto, Rosina; Mena-Rejón, Gonzalo J.; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessDiversity-Oriented Strategy-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2004A diversity-oriented strategy for the construction of tetrasubstituted pyrroles via coupled domino processesTejedor, David  ; González-Cruz, David ; Marrero-Tellado, José Juan ; García-Tellado, Fernando  ; López Rodríguez, Matíasartículo
openAccessDiverted_Domino_Reactivity-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2011Diverted domino reactivity in tertiary skipped diynes: A convenient access to polyfunctionalized cyclohexadienones and multivalent aromatic scaffoldsTejedor, David  ; López-Tosco, Sara ; González-Platas, Javier; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
closedAccess20-Apr-2007Dual reactivity pattern of allenolates "on water": the chemical basis for efficient allenolate-driven organocatalytic systemsGonzález-Cruz, David ; Tejedor, David  ; Armas, Pedro de ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessJOC-2003-68-3363.pdf.jpg2003An effective one-pot synthesis of 5-substituted tetronic acidsTejedor, David  ; López, Gloria V.; García-Tellado, Fernando  ; Marrero-Tellado, José Juan ; Armas, Pedro de ; Terrero, Davidartículo
openAccessEfficient Domino Process-Garcia Tellado.pdf.jpg2003Efficient domino process based on the catalytic generation of non-metalated, conjugated acetylides in the presence of aldehydes or activated ketonesTejedor, David  ; García-Tellado, Fernando  ; Marrero-Tellado, José Juan ; Armas, Pedro de artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2017El reagrupamiento de Claisen propargílico y la cicloadición [4+2] en procesos dominó: construcción de complejidad molecularDelgado-Hernández, Samuel; Tejedor, David  ; García-Tellado, Fernando  comunicación de congreso
closedAccessJan-2010Fluoride-Triggered Domino Reactions Involving Ammonium Acetylides and Carbonyl CompoundsTejedor, David  ; López-Tosco, Sara ; Méndez-Abt, Gabriela ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessConjugated_Tertiary_Skipped_Diynes-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2009From conjugated tertiary skipped diynes to chain-functionalized tetrasubstituted pyrrolesTejedor, David  ; López-Tosco, Sara ; González-Platas, Javier; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessGeneral_Synthesis_GarciaTellado.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2014General synthesis of substituted 1,2-dihydropyridinesTejedor, David  ; Cotos, Leandro ; Méndez-Abt, Gabriela ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2017Green multicomponent reactions for synthesis of tocopherol analogues as antiproliferative agentsIngold, Mariana; Collela, Lucía; Tejedor, David  ; García-Tellado, Fernando  ; Padrón, José M.; Porcal, Williams; López, Gloria Virginiapóster de congreso
openAccessejoc.2015 .pdf.jpgJun-2015Hydrogen Bond Controlled Anti-Aza-Michael Addition: Diastereoselective Synthesis of Cyclobutene-Containing Amino Acid DerivativesTejedor, David  ; Méndez-Abt, Gabriela ; González-Platas, Javier; Fernández, Israel; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessIntegrative_Pericyclic_Cascade_Tejedor.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2017Integrative Pericyclic Cascade: An Atom Economic, Multi C−C Bond‐Forming Strategy for the Construction of Molecular ComplexityTejedor, David  ; Delgado-Hernández, Samuel; Peyrac, Jesús; González-Platas, Javier; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessMerging_Domino-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2012Merging domino and redox chemistry: Stereoselective access to di- and trisubstituted β,γ-unsaturated acids and estersTejedor, David  ; Méndez-Abt, Gabriela ; Cotos, Leandro ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessMetal-Free_Access-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2007Metal-free access to fully substituted skipped diynes. An efficient chemodifferentiating A2BB' 4CR manifoldTejedor, David  ; López-Tosco, Sara ; González-Platas, Javier; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2010Microwave-assisted diversity-oriented domino synthesis of functionalized nicotinic acid derivativesTejedor, David  ; Méndez-Abt, Gabriela ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessMicrowave-Assisted_Domino_Access-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2011Microwave-assisted domino access to C2-chain functionalized furans from tertiary propargyl vinyl ethersTejedor, David  ; Cotos, Leandro ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessMicrowave-Assisted_Organocatalyzed_GarciaTellado.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2015Microwave-Assisted Organocatalyzed Rearrangement of Propargyl Vinyl Ethers to Salicylaldehyde Derivatives: An Experimental and Theoretical StudyTejedor, David  ; Cotos, Leandro ; Márquez-Arce, Daniel; Odriozola-Gimeno, Mikel; Torrent-Sucarrat, Miquel ; Cossío, Fernando P.; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Mitotic arrest induced by a novel family of DNA topoisomerase II inhibitorsLeón, Leticia G.; Tejedor, David  ; Montero, Juan Carlos ; Pandiella, Atanasio  ; García-Tellado, Fernando  ; Padrón, José M.artículo
openAccessModular_One-Pot-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2005A modular, one-pot, four-component synthesis of polysubstituted 1,3-oxazolidinesTejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; González-Cruz, David ; Marrero-Tellado, José Juan ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo