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openAccessDec-2008Effects of hydrological connectivity on the substrate and understory structure of riparian wetlands in the Middle Ebro River (NE Spain): Implications for restoration and managementCabezas, Álvaro ; González, Eduardo ; Gallardo, Belinda  ; García-Antón, Mercedes; González-Sanchis, María ; Comín, Francisco A.  artículo
closedAccessMay-2010Effects of wetland construction on water quality in a semi-arid catchment degraded by intensive agricultural useMoreno-Mateos, David ; Pedrocchi Renault, César ; Comín, Francisco A.  artículo
openAccessPáginas de 436.pdf.jpg2005Eutrofización costera en la Península de YucatánHerrera-Silveira, Jorge A.; Aranda, Nancy; Troccoli-Ghinaglia, Luis; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Madden, Chriscapítulo de libro
closedAccess13-May-2018Evaluation of riparian groundwaters quality using microalgal response to pollutantsChamsi, O.; Navarro, Enrique  ; Sánchez-Pérez, José Miguel; Sauvage, Sabine; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Antiguedad, I.; Bodoque, J. M.; Charcosset, J.; Pinelli, E.comunicación de congreso
openAccessX10-102.pdf.jpgSep-2010Factors controlling litter production in a large Mediterranean river floodplain forestGonzález, Eduardo ; Muller, Etienne; Gallardo, Belinda  ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; González-Sanchis, María artículo
openAccessL26b373_Riparian_wetlands_Ebro_floodplain.pdf.jpg2007First approach to understanding riparian wetlands in the Middle Ebro River floodplain (NE, Spain): Structural characteristics and functional dynamicsGallardo, Belinda  ; García-Antón, Mercedes; Cabezas, Álvaro ; González, Eduardo ; Ciancarelli, Cecilia ; González-Sanchis, María ; Comín, Francisco A.  artículo
openAccessHierarchical priority setting for restoration in a watershed in NE Spain, based on assessments of soil erosion and ecosystem services.pdf.jpgJan-2013Hierarchical priority setting for restoration in a watershed in NE Spain, based on assessments of soil erosion and ecosystem servicesTrabucchi, M. ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; O'Farrell, Patrickartículo
closedAccessSep-2011How to choose a biodiversity indicator – Redundancy and complementarity of biodiversity metrics in a freshwater ecosystemGallardo, Belinda  ; Gascón, Stephanie; Quintana, Xavier; Comín, Francisco A.  artículo
openAccessBegueriaS_HydrolEarthSystSci_2009.pdf.jpgFeb-2009Hydrologic and landscape changes in the Middle Ebro River (NE Spain): Implications for restoration and managementCabezas, Álvaro ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Beguería, Santiago ; Trabucchi, M. artículo
closedAccess2010Hydrologic thresholds for riparian forest conservation in a regulated large Mediterranean riverGonzález, Eduardo ; González-Sanchis, María ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Muller, Etienneartículo
openAccessDarwiche-Criado_etal-Identifying river water Mediterranean basin2015.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2015Identifying spatial and seasonal patterns of river water quality in a semiarid irrigated agricultural Mediterranean basinDarwiche-Criado, Nadia ; Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Sorando, Ricardo  ; Sánchez-Pérez, José Miguelartículo
embargoedAccessMoretD_JHydrol_2018.pdf.jpgSep-2018Influence of the β parameter of the Haverkamp model on the transient soil water infiltration curveLatorre Garcés, Borja  ; Moret-Fernández, David  ; Lassabatere, Laurent; Rahmati, Mehdi; López Sánchez, María Victoria  ; Angulo-Jaramillo, Rafael; Sorando, R.; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Jiménez, Juan José artículo
closedAccessNov-2010Integrating objectives and scales for planning and implementing wetland restoration and creation in agricultural landscapesMoreno-Mateos, David ; Comín, Francisco A.  artículo
openAccessFelipe_M_Interactions Among Ecosystem Services2014.pdf.jpg2014Interactions Among Ecosystem Services Across Land Uses in a Floodplain AgroecosystemFelipe Lucía, María ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Bennett, Elena M.artículo
openAccessArroira_et_al_HAZMAT_2013.pdf.jpg2013Irrigation agriculture affects organic matter decomposition in semi-arid terrestrial and aquatic ecosystemsArroita, M.; Causapé, Jesús; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Díez, Joserra; Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Lacarta, Juan; Lorente, Carmen; Merchán, Daniel; Muñiz, Selene ; Navarro, Enrique  ; Val, Jonatan; Elosegi, Arturoartículo
openAccess2009-Gonzalez-Sanchis et al-WETPOL.pdf.jpgSep-2009Irrigation canal management as a strategy to reduce the pollutant effects of agriculture at the middle Ebro river (NE Spain)González-Sanchis, María ; Murillo, J.; García García, Mercedes ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; García-Navarro, P.comunicación de congreso
openAccessEspañoletal_2013.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2012Is net ecosystem production higher in natural relative to constructed wetlands?Español Latorre, Cecilia; Gallardo, Belinda  ; Pino, M. Rosa; Martín, Ana; Comín, Francisco A.  artículo
closedAccess20-Nov-2010Leaf nutrient concentration as an indicator of Populus and Tamarix response to floodingGonzález, Eduardo ; Muller, Etienne; Comín, Francisco A.  ; González-Sanchis, María artículo
openAccess11.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2007Los Pirineos en el contexto de las montañas del mundo: rasgos generales y peculiaridadesComín, Francisco A.  ; Martínez Rica, J. P. artículo
openAccessMiguelChinchilla_Macroinvertebrate biodiversity patterns_J.Limnology2014.pdf.jpg2014Macroinvertebrate biodiversity patterns during primary succession in manmade ponds in north-eastern SpainMiguel Chinchilla, Leticia ; Boix, Daniel; Gascón, Stephanie; Comín, Francisco A.  artículo