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openAccesss12862-015-0555-2 (1).pdf.jpg8-dic-2015Distribution of mutational fitness effects and of epistasis in the 5' untranslated region of a plant RNA virusBernet Zamanillo, Gillermo P.; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
closedAccess18-mar-2007Distributions of epistasis in microbes fit predictions from a fitness landscape modelMartin, Guillaume; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Lenormand, ThomasArtículo
openAccessJRSocInterface_9_768_2012.pdf.jpg7-abr-2012Dynamics of alternative modes of RNA replication for positive-sense RNA virusesSardanyés, Josep ; Martínez, Fernando ; Daròs Arnau, José Antonio ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessPLOS ONE 6_e16896.pdf.jpg4-feb-2011Dynamics of Molecular Evolution and Phylogeography of Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAVWu, Beilei; Blanchard-Letort, Alexandra; Liu, Yan; Zhou, Guanghe; Wang, Xifeng; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessLafforgue et al. JVI.pdf.jpgdic-2012Dynamics of Potyvirus Systemic Infection Establishment: Independent yet Cumulative Action of Primary Infection SitesLafforgue, Guillaume ; Tromas, Nicolas; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Zwart, Mark P. Artículo
openAccessBernard et al JGV.pdf.jpg29-abr-2009Effect of citrus hosts on the generation, maintenance and evolutionary fate of genetic variability of Citrus exocortis viroidBernard, Lucia; Duran-Vila, Nuria; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessEffect_genetic_robustness.pdf.jpg14-oct-2008The effect of genetic robustness on evolvability in digital organismsElena, Santiago F.  ; Sanjuán, Rafael Artículo
openAccessPLOS GENETICS 7_e1002378.pdf.jpg17-nov-2011Effect of Host Species on the Distribution of Mutational Fitness Effects for an RNA VirusLalic, Jasna ; Cuevas, José M. ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessZwart et al. JVI.pdf.jpgsep-2012Effects of Potyvirus Effective Population Size in Inoculated Leaves on Viral Accumulation and the Onset of SymptomsZwart, Mark P. ; Daròs Arnau, José Antonio ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessSanchez-NavarroetalJVirol.pdf.jpgoct-2013Effects of the number of genome segments on primary and systemic infection for a multipartite plant RNA virusElena, Santiago F.  ; Sánchez-Navarro, J. A. ; Zwart, Mark P. Artículo
openAccessPlosOne_8_e66700.pdf.jpg20-jun-2013Emergence and Phylodynamics of Citrus tristeza virus in Sicily, ItalyDavino, Salvatore; Willemsen, Anouk ; Panno, Stefano; Davino, Mario; Catara, Antonino; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Rubio, LuisArtículo
openAccessBedhomme et al Curr Opin Virol.pdf.jpg1-nov-2014Emerging viruses: why they are not jacks of all trades?Bedhomme, Stéphanie ; Hillung, Julia ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccess1475-4924-2-12.pdf.jpg3-jun-2003Environmental stress and the effects of mutationElena, Santiago F.  ; Visser, J. Arjan G.M. deArtículo
openAccessLalic Elena Biol Lett.pdf.jpgfeb-2013Epistasis between mutations is host-dependent for an RNA virusLalic, Jasna ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
closedAccess18-sep-2006Epistasis correlates to genomic complexitySanjuán, Rafael ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccesssardanyes_elena_jtb_R2_def.pdf.jpgjun-2010Error threshold in RNA quasispecies models with complementationSardanyés, Josep ; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessTromas et al 2014 J. Gen. Virol.pdf.jpg2014Estimation of the in vivo recombination rate for a plant RNA virusTromas, Nicolas; Zwart, Mark P. ; Maïté, Poulain; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
openAccessElena et al. Adv. Virus Res.pdf.jpg2014Evolution and emergence of plant virusesElena, Santiago F.  ; Fraile, A.; García-Arenal, FernandoArtículo
openAccessMushegian  Elena Virology 2015.pdf.jpg9-ene-2015Evolution of plant virus movement proteins from the 30K superfamily and of their homologs integrated in plant genomesR. Mushegian, Arcady; Elena, Santiago F.  Artículo
closedAccessfeb-2007The evolution of sex: empirical insights into the roles of epistasis and driftVisser, J. de; Elena, Santiago F.  ; Arjan, G. M.Artículo