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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
26-Feb-2004Effect of non-Gaussian noises in a noise induced transitionWio, Horacio S.; Toral, RaúlArtículo
1-Jan-2002Effective Markovian aproximation for non-Gaussian noises: a path integral approachFuentes, M. A.; Wio, Horacio S.; Toral, RaúlArtículo
Mar-2002Ensemble equivalence for non extensive thermodynamicsToral, Raúl; Salazar, RafaelArtículo
3-Feb-2006Ensemble equivalence for non-Boltzmaniann distributionsToral, RaúlArtículo
Dec-2011Evolution of Surname Distribution under Gender-Equality MeasuresLafuerza, Luis F.; Toral, RaúlArtículo
2004Exact ratchet description of Parrondo's games with self-transitionsAmengual, Pau; Toral, RaúlArtículo
2011Exact solution of a stochastic protein dynamics model with delayed degradationLafuerza, Luis F.; Toral, RaúlArtículo
25-Aug-2004Exact Solution of Ising Model on a Small-World NetworkViana Lopes, Joao; Pogorelov, Yu. G.; Lopes dos Santos, J. M. B.; Toral, RaúlArtículo
3-Jul-2002Experimental observation of coherence and stochastic resonances in an electronic chua circuitCalvo, Óscar; Gomes, Iacyel; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Toral, RaúlArtículo
26-Jun-2003Experimental study of high frequency stochastic resonance in Chua circuitsGomes, Iacyel; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Toral, Raúl; Calvo, ÓscarArtículo
1-Jul-2006Experimental study of stochastic resonance in a Chua`s circuit operating in a chaotic regimeKorneta, Wojciech; Gomes, Iacyel; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Toral, RaúlArtículo
2000Extensive chaos in the Nikolaevskii modelXi, Haowen; Toral, Raúl; Gunton, James D.; Tribelsky, M. I.Artículo
24-Mar-2009External noise-induced phenomena in CO oxidation on single crystal surfacesPineda, Miguel; Toral, RaúlArtículo
1-Jan-2007Finite size effects in the dynamics of opinion formationToral, Raúl; Tessone, Claudio J.Artículo
25-Jul-2003A Fokker-Planck description for Parrondo's gamesToral, Raúl; Amengual, Pau; Mangioni, SergioArtículo
1996Fractal structure of silica colloids revisitedSintes, Tomàs; Toral, Raúl; Chakraborti, AnirbanArtículo
1998Fronts, Domain Growth and Dynamical Scaling in a d=1 non-Potential SystemGallego, R.; San Miguel, Maxi; Toral, RaúlArtículo
15-Apr-2003Global culture: A noise induced transition in finite systemsKlemm, Konstantin; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; Toral, Raúl; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
13-Mar-2008Global firing induced by network disorder in ensembles of active rotatorsTessone, Claudio J.; Zanette, Damián H.; Toral, RaúlPre-print
2005Globalization, polarization and cultural drift and social networksKlemm, Konstantin; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; Toral, Raúl; San Miguel, Maxi; Centola, DamonPresentación

Showing results 38 to 57 of 119