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closedAccess14-Sep-2000Effect of postharvest ultraviolet Irradiation on resveratrol and other phenolics of Cv. Napoleon table GrapesCantos Villar, Emma; García-Viguera, Cristina; Pascual-Teresa, Sonia de; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccess10-Jul-2001Effect of Processing and Storage on the Antioxidant Ellagic Acid Derivatives and Flavonoids of Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) JamsZafrilla, Pilar; Ferreres, Federico; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccess2001Effect of Wounding on Phenolic Enzymes in Six Minimally Processed Lettuce Cultivars upon StorageCantos Villar, Emma; Espín de Gea, Juan Carlos; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccess12-Feb-2007Enriched ozone atmosphere enhances bioactive phenolics in seedless table grapes after prolonged shelf lifeArtés-Hernández, Francisco; Artés Calero, Francisco; Aguayo, Encarnación; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
openAccessWO0216628A1.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2002Enzymatic synthesis of antioxidant hydroxytyrosol.Espín de Gea, Juan Carlos; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; García, M. C.; Ferreres, Federico; Soler-Rivas, Cristina ; Wichers, Harry J.Patente
closedAccess25-Jun-2005Etiology of UV-C-Induced Browning in Var. Superior White Table GrapesGonzález-Barrio, Rocío; Salmenkallio-Marttila, Marjatta; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Cantos Villar, Emma; Espín de Gea, Juan CarlosArtículo
closedAccessJul-2008Eubacterium limosum Activates Isoxanthohumol from Hops (Humulus lupulus L.) into the Potent Phytoestrogen 8-Prenylnaringenin In Vitro and in Rat Intestine1–3Possemiers, Sam; Rabot, Sylvie; Espín de Gea, Juan Carlos; Bruneau, Aurélia; Philippe, Catherine; González-Sarrías, Antonio; Heyerick, Arne; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; de Keukeleire, Denis; Verstraete, WillyArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Evaluación de Lactobacillus plantarum para optimizar la biodisponibilidad de flavanonas de zumos cítricosGarcía-Cayuela, Tomás ; Bustos, Irene; Barroso, Elvira ; Vallejo, Fernando; Tomàs, Fiona ; Martínez-Cuesta, M. Carmen ; Peláez, Carmen ; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Requena, Teresa Póster
closedAccessJul-2004Evaluation of commercial red fruit juice concentrates as ingredients for antioxidant functional juicesBermúdez-Soto, María J.; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccess1-Feb-2003Evaluation of the bioavailability and metabolism in the rat of punicalagin, an antioxidant polyphenol from pomegranate juiceCerdá, Begoña; Llorach, Rafael; Cerón, José J.; Espín de Gea, Juan Carlos; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccess19-May-2000Flavanones, chalcones and dihydrochalcones - nature, occurrence and dietary burdenTomás Barberán, Francisco; Clifford, Michael N.Artículo
closedAccessDec-2000Flavonoid content of commercial capers ( Capparis spinosa, C. sicula and C. orientalis ) produced in mediterranean countriesInocencio, Cristina; Rivera, Diego; Alcaraz, Carlos F.; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccess1-Mar-2006The Flavonoid Glycosides and Procyanidin Composition of Deglet Noor Dates (Phoenix dactylifera)Jeong Hong, Yun; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Kadel, Adel A.; Mitchell, Alyson E.Artículo
closedAccess27-Jan-2005Flavonoids in Food and Their Health BenefitsYao, Liu H.; Jiang, Y. M.; Shi, J.; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Datta, Nivedita; Singanusong, Riantong; Chen, S. S.Artículo
closedAccess15-Sep-2000Flavonoids in monospecific eucalyptus honeys from AustraliaMartos, Isabel; Ferreres, Federico; Yao, Liu H.; D'Arcy, Bruce; Caffin, Nola; Tomás Barberán, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccessMay-2003Flavonoids, phenolic acids and abscisic acid in Australian and New Zealand Leptospermum honeysYao, Liu H.; Datta, Nivedita; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Martos, Isabel; Ferreres, Federico; Singanusong, RiantongArtículo
closedAccess16-Nov-2004Functionalisation of commercial chicken soup with enriched polyphenol extract from vegetable by-productsLlorach, Rafael; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Ferreres, FedericoArtículo
closedAccessOct-2002Glucosinolates and vitamin C content in edible parts of broccoli florets after domesticVallejo, Fernando; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; García-Viguera, CristinaArtículo
closedAccess12-Jan-2004The grape and wine polyphenol piceatannol is a potent inducer of apoptosis in human SK-Mel-28 melanoma cellsLarrosa, Mar; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Espín de Gea, Juan CarlosArtículo
closedAccess4-Jul-2003Grape Polyphenol Resveratrol and the Related Molecule 4-Hydroxystilbene Induce Growth Inhibition, Apoptosis, S-Phase Arrest, and Upregulation of Cyclins A, E, and B1 in Human SK-Mel-28 Melanoma CellsLarrosa, Mar; Tomás Barberán, Francisco; Espín de Gea, Juan CarlosArtículo