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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Feb-2007The in-medium (K)[overline]N interaction within a chiral unitary approachTolós, Laura; Ramos, Àngels; Oset, EulogiArtículo
29-Oct-2010(K)over-bar* mesons in dense matterTolós, Laura; Molina, Raquel; Oset, Eulogi; Ramos, ÀngelsArtículo
4-Dec-2009Properties of D and D-* mesons in the nuclear mediumNieves, Juan Miguel; García Recio, Carmen; Tolós, LauraArtículo
5-Mar-2009s-wave charmed baryon resonances from a coupled-channel approach with heavy quark symmetryGarcía Recio, Carmen; Magas, Volodymyr K.; Mizutani, T.; Nieves, Juan Miguel; Ramos, Àngels; Salcedo, Lorenzo Luis; Tolós, LauraArtículo
8-Jul-2010Selected topics on Hadrons in NucleiOset, Eulogi; Kaskulov, Murat; Hernández, Eliecer; Ramos, Àngels; Magas, Volodymyr K.; Yamagata-Sekihara, J.; Hirenzaki, S.; Gamermann, Daniel; Molina, Raquel; Tolós, Laura; Roca, LuisPre-print
Feb-2010Strange and charm mesons at FAIROset, Eulogi; Nieves, Juan Miguel; Molina, Raquel; Gamermann, Daniel; Tolós, Laura; Cabrera, Daniel; García Recio, Carmen; Ramos, ÀngelsComunicación de congreso
26-Nov-2013The width of the omega meson in the nuclear mediumRamos, Àngels; Tolós, Laura; Molina, Raquel; Oset, EulogiArtículo

Showing results 8 to 14 of 14