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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
18-May-2007Factor analysis of hyphenated chromatographic data: Exploration, resolution and quantification of multicomponent systemsJuan, Anna de; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2010Factorial analysis of the trihalomethane formation in the reaction of colloidal, hydrophobic, and transphilic fractions of DOM with free chlorinePlatikanov, Stefan; Tauler Ferré, Romà; Rodrigues, Pedro M. S. M.; Antunes, Maria Cristina G.; Pereira, DilsonArtículo
13-Nov-2004Fast chromatography of complex biocide mixtures using diode array detection and multivariate curve resolutionPeré-Trepat, Emma; Hildebrandt, Alain; Barceló, Damià; Lacorte Bruguera, Silvia; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
5-Feb-2005A graphical user-friendly interface for MCR-ALS: a new tool for multivariate curve resolution in MATLABJaumot, Joaquim; Gargallo, Raimundo; Juan, Anna de; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
7-Jul-2006Identification and distribution of contamination sources in the Ebro river basin by chemometrics modelling coupled to geographical information systemsTerrado Casanovas, Marta; Barceló, Damià; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2010Identifying major pesticides affecting bivalve species exposed to agricultural pollution using multi-biomarker and multivariate methodsBarata Martí, Carlos; Damásio, Joana B.; Navarro-Ortega, Alícia; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2010Impacts of metals and nutrients released from melting multiyear Arctic sea iceTovar-Sánchez, Antonio; Duarte, Carlos M.; Alonso-Santos, Juan Carlos; Lacorte Bruguera, Silvia; Tauler Ferré, Romà; Galbán-Malagón, CristobalArtículo
Jun-2006Including trilinear and restricted Tucker3 models as a constraint in Multivariate Curve Resolution Alternating Least SquaresTauler Ferré, RomàComunicación de congreso
20-Feb-2004Indications towards a stereoselectivity of the salt-induced peptide formation reactionPlankensteiner, Kristof; Righi, Alessandro; Rode, Bernd M.; Gargallo, Raimundo; Jaumot, Joaquim; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
15-Sep-2006Investigation of geographical and temporal distribution of tropospheric ozone in Catalonia (North-East Spain) during the period 2000–2004 using multivariate data analysis methodsFelipe-Sotelo, Mónica; Gustems, L.; Hernández, I.; Terrado Casanovas, Marta; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2010Investigation of the source composition and temporal distribution of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a suburban area of the northwest of Spain using chemometric methodsPérez-Rial, D.; López-Mahía, P.; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2011Is independent component analysis appropriate for multivariate resolution in analytical chemistry?Parastar, Hadi; Jalali-Heravi, Mehdi; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2010Kinetic studies of nitrofurazone photodegradation by multivariate curve resolution applied to UV-spectral dataDe Luca, Michele; Mas, Sílvia; Ioele, Giuseppina; Oliverio, Filomena; Ragno, Gaetano; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
13-Apr-2005Local rank analysis for exploratory spectroscopic image analysis. Fixed Size Image Window-Evolving Factor AnalysisJuan, Anna de; Maeder, Marcel; Hancewicz, Thomas; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
28-Jan-2004Local rank exploratory analysis of evolving rank-deficient systemsJuan, Anna de; Navea, Susana; Diewok, Josef; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2010MCR-BANDS: A user friendly MATLAB program for the evaluation of rotation ambiguities in Multivariate Curve ResolutionJaumot, Joaquim; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
2010MCRC software: A tool for chemometric analysis of two-way chromatographic dataJalali-Heravi, Mehdi; Parastar, Hadi; Kamalzadeh, Mohsen; Tauler Ferré, Romà; Jaumot, JoaquimArtículo
3-Sep-2003Modeling temperature-dependent protein structural transitions by combined near-IR and mid-IR spectroscopies and multivariate curve resolutionNavea, Susana; Juan, Anna de; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo
16-Jun-2006Monitoring and modeling of protein processes using mass spectrometry, circular dichroism, and multivariate curve resolution methodsNavea, Susana; Tauler Ferré, Romà; Juan, Anna deArtículo
3-Jul-2006Multi-way analysis for investigation of industrial pectin using an analytical liquid dilution systemZachariassen, Christian B.; Larsen, Jan; Van den Berg, Frans; Bro, Rasmus; Juan, Anna de; Tauler Ferré, RomàArtículo

Showing results 28 to 47 of 79