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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Matrix metalloproteinases: Fold and function of their catalytic domainsTallant, Cynthia; Marrero, Aniebrys; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
20-Apr-2006Molecular analysis of ulilysin, the structural prototype of a new family of metzincin metalloproteasesTallant, Cynthia; García Castellanos, Raquel; Seco, Jordi; Baumen, Ullrich; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
2010On the relevance of the met-turn methionine in metzincinsTallant, Cynthia; García-Castellanos, Raquel; Baumann, Ulrich; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo

Showing results 2 to 4 of 4