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Dec-2011Along-­slope oceanographic processes and sedimentary products around the Iberian marginHernández-Molina, Francisco J.; Serra, Nuno; Stow, D. A. V.; Llave, Estefanía; Ercilla, Gemma; Van Rooij, D.Artículo
2006The contourite depositional system of the Gulf of Cádiz: A sedimentary model related to the bottom current activity of the Mediterranean outflow water and its interaction with the continental marginHernández-Molina, Francisco J.; Llave, E; Stow, D. A. V.; García, M. C.; Somoza, Luis; Vázquez, Juan Tomas; Lobo, F. J.; Maestro, A.; Díaz del Río, V.; Leon, R.,; Medialdea, T.; Gardner, JArtículo
Feb-2009Contourite erosive features caused by the Mediterranean Outflow Water in the Gulf of Cadiz: Quaternary tectonic and oceanographic implicationsGarcía, Marga; Hernández-Molina, Francisco J.; Llave, Estefanía; Stow, D. A. V.; León, Ricardo; Fernández-Puga, M. C.; Díaz del Río, Víctor; Somoza, LuisArtículo
Dec-2011Pliocene–Quaternary contourites along the northern Gulf of Cadiz margin: sedimentary stacking pattern and regional distributionLlave, Estefanía; Matias, Hugo; Hernández-Molina, Francisco J.; Ercilla, Gemma; Stow, D. A. V.; Medialdea, TeresaArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4