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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Eric R. Kandel, In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind , W.W. Norton (2006) 352 ppSierra, CarlesArtículo
2005Evolving a Multiagent System for Landmark-based Robot NavigationAmbastha, Madhur; Busquets, Didac; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, CarlesArtículo
2004Integrating a Potential Field Based Pilot into a Multiagent Navigation Architecture for Autonomous RobotsMohan, Manikanth; Busquets, Dídac; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, CarlesComunicación de congreso
2010LiquidPublications and its technical and legal challengesOsman, Nardine; Sierra, Carles; Sabater-Mir, Jordi; Wakeling, Joseph R.; Simon, Judith; Origgi, Gloria; Casati, RobertoCapítulo de libro
1998Map Generation by Cooperative Low-Cost Robots in Structured Unknown EnvironmentsLopez-Sanchez, Maite; Esteva, Francesc; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, Carles; Amat, JosepArtículo
2009Mediation = Information revelation + Analogical reasoningSimoff, Simeon; Sierra, Carles; Lopez de Mantaras, RamonArtículo
1997Milord II. Language description.Puyol-Gruart, Josep; Sierra, CarlesArtículo
2002A Multi-Agent Architecture Integrating Learning and Fuzzy Techniques for Landmark-Based Robot NavigationBusquets, Dídac; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, Carles; Dietterich, Thomas G.Comunicación de congreso
2011Negotiation Based Branch and Bound and the Negotiating Salesmen ProblemJonge, Dave de; Sierra, CarlesComunicación de congreso
31-Jan-2012P2P proteomics - data sharing for enhanced protein identificationSchorlemmer, Marco; Abián, Joaquín; Sierra, Carles; Cruz, David de la; Bernacchioni, Lorenzo; Jaen, Enric; Perreau de Pinninck, Adrian; Atencia, ManuelArtículo
2010Propagation of opinions in Structural GraphsOsman, Nardine; Sierra, Carles; Sabater-Mir, JordiComunicación de congreso
2001Renoir, Pneumon-IA and Terap-IA: Three medical applications based on fuzzy logicGodo, Lluis; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Puyol-Gruart, Josep; Sierra, CarlesArtículo
2010Reputation as Aggregated OpinionsDebenham, John; Sierra, CarlesComunicación de congreso
17-Sep-2008Requirements towards automated mediation agentsSimoff, Simeon; Sierra, Carles; Lopez de Mantaras, RamonComunicación de congreso
2006Retrieving and Reusing Game Plays for Robot SoccerRos, Raquel; Veloso, Manuela; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, Carles; Arcos, Josep Ll.Artículo
2012Self-disclosure Decision Making based on Intimacy and PrivacySuch, Jose M.; Espinosa, Agustin; Garcia-Fornes, Ana; Sierra, CarlesArtículo
2012Simulating research behaviourOsman, Nardine; Sabater-Mir, Jordi; Sierra, CarlesComunicación de congreso
2011Socially-aware lightweight coordination infrastructuresEsteva, Marc; Rodriguez-Aguilar, Juan A.; Arcos Rosell, Josep Lluís; Sierra, CarlesComunicación de congreso
2011Weaving a Fabric of Socially Aware Agentsd'Inverno, Mark; Luck, Michael; Noriega, Pablo; Rodriguez-Aguilar, Juan A.; Sierra, CarlesComunicación de congreso
2011When Trust Is Not EnoughDebenham, John; Sierra, CarlesComunicación de congreso

Showing results 16 to 35 of 35