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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2010A Coherence-Driven Action Selection in Dynamic EnvironmentsJoseph, Sindhu; Sierra, Carles; Schorlemmer, Marco
closedAccess2003A multi-agent approach to fuzzy landmark-based navigationBusquets, Didac; Sierra, Carles; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon
closedAccess2003A multiagent approach to qualitative landmark-based navigationBusquets, Didac; Sierra, Carles; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon
closedAccess2010A Social-Network Defence against WhitewashingPerreau de Pinninck, Adrian; Schorlemmer, Marco; Sierra, Carles; Cranefield, Stephen
openAccess2011ABC4MAS : Assembling business collaborations for MASPenya-Alba, Toni; Pujol Gonzalez, Marc; Esteva, Marc; Rosell, Bruno; Cerquides, Jesus; Rodriguez-Aguilar, Juan A.; Sierra, Carles; Carrascosa, Carlos; Julian, Vicente; Rebollo, Miguel, et al
openAccess2011Agreement Computing.Sierra, Carles; Botti, Vicente; Ossowski, Sascha
openAccess2010An agent for ecological deliberationDebenham, John; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2010An agent model for business relationshipsDebenham, John; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2011Argumentation with AdviceDebenham, John; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2007Beyond Individualism: Modeling Team Playing Behavior in Robot Soccer Through Case-Based ReasoningRos, Raquel; Veloso, Manuela; López de Mantaras, Ramón; Sierra, Carles; Arcos, Josep Ll.
openAccess2011CBR with Commonsense Reasoning and Structure Mapping: An Application to MediationGüneş Baydin, Atılım; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Simoff, Simeon; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2011Coalition-Oriented Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks.Delgado-Roman, M. del Carmen; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2010Deductive Coherence and Norm AdoptionJoseph, Sindhu; Sierra, Carles; Schorlemmer, Marco; Dellunde, Pilar
closedAccess1996Descriptive dynamic logic and its application to reflective architecturesSierra, Carles; Godo, Lluis; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Manzano, Mara
openAccess2011DipTools: Experimental Data Visualization Tool for the DipGame Testbed (Demonstration)Fabregues, Angela; Lopez-Paz, David; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2010Eric R. Kandel, In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind , W.W. Norton (2006) 352 ppSierra, Carles
openAccess2005Evolving a Multiagent System for Landmark-based Robot NavigationAmbastha, Madhur; Busquets, Didac; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2004Integrating a Potential Field Based Pilot into a Multiagent Navigation Architecture for Autonomous RobotsMohan, Manikanth; Busquets, Dídac; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, Carles
openAccess2010LiquidPublications and its technical and legal challengesOsman, Nardine; Sierra, Carles; Sabater-Mir, Jordi; Wakeling, Joseph R.; Simon, Judith; Origgi, Gloria; Casati, Roberto
closedAccess1998Map Generation by Cooperative Low-Cost Robots in Structured Unknown EnvironmentsLopez-Sanchez, Maite; Esteva, Francesc; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, Carles; Amat, Josep