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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Opinions, Conflicts and Consensus: Modeling Social Dynamics in a Collaborative EnvironmentTörök, János; Iñiguez, Gerardo; Yasseri, Taha; San Miguel, Maxi; Kaski, K.; Kertész, JánosPre-print
1996Optical feedback on self-pulsating semiconductor lasersVan Tartwijk, G. H. M.; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
20-Feb-2007Optical Image Processing in Second-Harmonic GenerationScotto, Pierre; Colet, Pere; Jacobo, Adrián; San Miguel, MaxiCapítulo de libro
2000Order parameter description of walk-off effect on pattern selection in degenerate optical parametric oscillatorsTaki, Majid; San Miguel, Maxi; Santagiustina, MarcoArtículo
6-Dec-2006Ordering dynamics with two non-excluding options: bilingualism in language competitionCastelló, Xavier; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
2001Pattern Formation in a Type-II Optical Parametric OscillatorIzús, Gonzalo; Santagiustina, Marco; San Miguel, Maxi; Colet, PerePre-print
11-Apr-2002Patterns arising from the interaction between scalar and vectorial instabilities in two-photon resonant Kerr cavitiesHoyuelos, Miguel; Walgraef, Daniel; Colet, Pere; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
2000Period stabilization in the Busse-Heikes model of the Kuppers-Lortz instabilityToral, Raúl; San Miguel, Maxi; Gallego, R.Artículo
8-Sep-2004Phase Synchronization and Polarization Ordering of Globally Coupled OscillatorsScirè, Alessandro; Colet, Pere; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
29-Oct-2001Phase-Locked Spatial Domains and Bloch Domain Walls in Type-II Optical Parametric OscillatorsIzús, Gonzalo; San Miguel, Maxi; Santagiustina, MarcoArtículo
1997Polarization and transverse-mode selection in quantum-well vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers: Index- and gain-guided devicesMartín-Regalado, J.; Balle, Salvador; San Miguel, Maxi; Valle, Angel; Pesquera, LuisArtículo
30-Sep-2002Polarization coupling and pattern selection in a type-II optical parametric oscillatorIzús, Gonzalo; San Miguel, Maxi; Walgraef, DanielArtículo
1999Polarization Dynamics of Optically Pumped VCSEL'sGahl, A.; Balle, Salvador; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
18-Mar-2003Polarization message encoding through vectorial chaos synchronization in vertical-cavity surface-emiting lasersScirè, Alessandro; Mulet, Josep; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Danckaert, Jan; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
13-Feb-2003Polarization patterns and vectorial defects in type-II optical parametric oscillatorsSantagiustina, Marco; Hernández-García, Emilio; San Miguel, Maxi; Scroggie, Andrew J.; Oppo, Gian-LucaArtículo
1998Polarization patterns in Kerr mediaHoyuelos, Miguel; Colet, Pere; San Miguel, Maxi; Walgraef, DanielArtículo
1998Polarization properties of optically pumped VCSELs in a transverse magnetic fieldGahl, A.; Balle, Salvador; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
1997Polarization properties of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasersMartín-Regalado, J.; Prati, F.; San Miguel, Maxi; Abraham, N. B.Artículo
10-Dec-2003Polarization quantum properties in a type-II Optical Parametric Oscillator below thresholdZambrini, Roberta; Gatti, Alessandra; Lugiato, Luigi A.; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
18-Jul-2001Polarization resolved intensity noise in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasersMulet, Josep; Mirasso, Claudio R.; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo

Showing results 73 to 92 of 140