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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Oct-2006Ca2+-binding allergens from olive pollen exhibit biochemical and immunological activity when expressed in stable transgenic ArabidopsisLedesma, Amalia; Moral, Verónica; Villalba, Mayte; Salinas, Julio; Rodríguez, RosalíaArtículo
16-Mar-2004CBF2/DREB1C is a negative regulator of CBF1/DREB1B and CBF3/DREB1A expression, and plays a central role in stress tolerance in ArabidopsisNovillo, Fernando; Alonso, José M.; Ecker, Joseph R.; Salinas, JulioArtículo
25-May-1988Compositional compartmentalization and compositional patterns in the nuclear genomes of plants.Salinas, Julio; Matassi, Giorgio; Montero, L. M.; Bernardi, G.Artículo
1997Different roles of flowering-time genes in the activation of floral initiation genes in ArabidopsisRuiz-García, L.; Madueño Albi, Francisco; Wilkinson, M.; Haughn, G.; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.Artículo
3-Dec-1999Dimerization of Arabidopsis 14-3-3 proteins: structural requirements within the N-terminal domain and effect of calciumAbarca, Dolores; Madueño, Francisco; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Salinas, JulioArtículo
May-2011early bolting in short days: An Arabidopsis Mutation That Causes Early Flowering and Partially Suppresses the Floral Phenotype of leafyGómez-Mena, Concepción; Piñeiro, Manuel; Franco-Zorrilla, José Manuel; Salinas, Julio; Coupland, George; Martínez-Zapater, José M.Artículo
11-Apr-1990Gene distribution and isochore organization in the nuclear genome of plantsMontero, L. M.; Salinas, Julio; Matassi, Giorgio; Bernardi, G.Artículo
1-Jan-2012Genetic analysis reveals a complex regulatory network modulating CBFs expression and Arabidopsis response to abiotic stressNovillo, Fernando; Medina, Joaquín; Rodriguez-Franco, Marta; Neuhaus, Gunther; Salinas, JulioArtículo
Nov-2005Genetic and molecular analyses of natural variation indicate CBF2 as a candidate gene for underlying a freezing tolerance quantitative trait locus in ArabidopsisAlonso-Blanco, Carlos; Gómez-Mena, Concepción; Llorente, Francisco; Koornneef, Maarten; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.Artículo
Nov-2005Genetic and Molecular Analyses of Natural Variation Indicate CBF2 as a Candidate Gene for Underlying a Freezing Tolerance Quantitative Trait Locus in Arabidopsis1[w]Alonso-Blanco, Carlos; Gómez-Mena, Concepción; Llorente, Francisco; Koornneef, Maarten; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.Artículo
1986Genomic localization of hepatitis B virus in a human hepatoma cell lineZerial, Marino; Salinas, Julio; Filipski, J.; Bernardi, G.Artículo
1999Identification of genes specifically expressed in cauliflower reproductive meristems. Molecular characterization of BoREM1Franco-Zorrilla, José Manuel; Fernández-Calvín, Begoña; Madueño, Francisco; Cruz, Álvarez, Marilyn; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.Artículo
15-Nov-2012Identification of SUMO target by a novel proteomic approach in plantsLópez-Torrejón, Gema; Guerra, Davide; Catalá, Rafael; Salinas, Julio; Pozo, Juan Carlos delArtículo
27-Sep-2011Integration of low temperature and light signaling during cold acclimation response in ArabidopsisCatalá, Rafael; Medina, Joaquín; Salinas, JulioArtículo
Dec-2011Integration of polyamins in the cold acclimation responseAlcazar, Rubén; Cuevas, Juan Cruz; Planas, Joan; Zarza, Xavier; Bortolotti, Cristina; Carrasco, Pedro; Salinas, Julio; Tiburcio, Antonio Fernández; Altabella, TeresaArtículo
Mar-1998Isolation and molecular characterization of the Arabidopsis TPS1 gene, encoding trehalose-6-phosphate synthaseBlázquez, Miguel Ángel; Santos, Elisa; Flores, Carmen-Lisset; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Salinas, Julio; Gancedo, CarlosArtículo
Mar-1993Low Temperature Induces the Accumulation of Alcohol Dehydrogenase mRNA in Arabidopsis thaliana, a Chilling-Tolerant PlantJarillo, José Antonio; Leyva, Antonio; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.Artículo
May-1995Low Temperature Induces the Accumulation of Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase and Chalcone Synthase mRNAs of Arabidopsis thaliana in a Light-Dependent MannerLeyva, Antonio; Jarillo, José Antonio; Salinas, Julio; Martínez-Zapater, José M.Artículo
1998Low temperature regulates Arabidopsis Lhcb gene expression in a light-independent mannerCapel Salinas, Juan; Jarillo, José A.; Madueño Albi, Francisco; Jorquera, María J.; Martínez-Zapater, José M.; Salinas, JulioArtículo
Dec-2012LSM proteins provide accurate splicing and decay of selected transcripts to ensure normal arabidopsis developmentPerea-Resa, Carlos; Hernández-Verdeja, Tamara; López-Cobolloa, Rosa; Castellano, María del Mar; Salinas, JulioArtículo

Showing results 10 to 29 of 52