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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
24-Sep-1999Oligomeric Structures of the Phage Ø29 Histone-like Protein p6Abril, Ana M.; Marco, Sergio; Carrascosa, José L.; Salas, Margarita; Hermoso, José MiguelArtículo
29-Mar-2004Operator design and mechanism for CarA repressor-mediated downregulation of the photo-inducible carB operon in Myxococcus xanthus. J.López-Rubio, J. J.; Padmanabhan, Subramanian; Lázaro, José M.; Salas, Margarita; Murillo, F. J.Artículo
1977Order of the two major head proteins of bacteriophage ø29 of Bacillus subtilisMellado, Rafael P.; Méndez, E.; Viñuela, Eladio; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1985Overproduction and purification of protein p6 of Bacillus subtilis phage ø29Pastrana, R.; Lázaro, José M.; Blanco, Luis; García, Juan Antonio; Méndez, E.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1984Overproduction and purification of the connector protein of Bacillus subtilis phage ø29Ibañez, C.; García, Juan Antonio; Carrascosa, José L.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1984Overproduction and purification of the gene 2 product involved in the initiation of phage phi 29 replication.Blanco, Luis; García, J. A.; Lázaro, J. M.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
15-Apr-1993Overproduction, purification, and characterization of DNA-binding protein P19 of bacteriophage PRD1Pakula, Tiina M.; Caldentey, Javier; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto; Olkkonen, Vesa M.; Bamford, Dennis H.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
6-Jan-2011Phage F 29 DNA polymerase chimeraSalas, Margarita; de Vega José, Miguel; Lazaro Bolos, José María; Blanco Dávila, Luis; Mencía, MarioSolicitud de patente
1-Dec-1992Phage phi 29 regulatory protein p4 stabilizes the binding of the RNA polymerase to the late promoter in a process involving direct protein-protein contactsNuez, B.; Rojo, Fernando; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
14-Nov-2008Phage ø29 and Nf terminal proteinpriming specifies the internal template nucleotide to initiate DNA replicationLongás, Elisa; Villar, Laurentino; Lázaro, José M.; Vega, Miguel de; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
2000Phage ø29 DNA polymerase residues involved in the proper stabilisation of the primer-terminus at the 3'-5' exonuclease active siteVega, Miguel de; Lázaro, José M.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
30-Sep-1997Phage Ø29 Protein p6 Is in a Monomer−Dimer Equilibrium That Shifts to Higher Association States at the Millimolar Concentrations Found in VivoAbril, Ana M.; Salas, Margarita; Andreu Morales, José Manuel; Hermoso, José Miguel; Rivas, GermánArtículo
1994Phage Ø29 protein p6: A viral histone-like proteinSerrano, M.; Gutiérrez, C.; Freire, R.; Bravo, Alicia; Salas, Margarita; Hermoso, José M.Artículo
Dec-2004Phage ø29 Proteins p1 and p17 Are Required for Efficient Binding of Architectural Protein p6 to Viral DNA In VivoGonzález-Huici, Víctor; Alcorlo, Martín; Salas, Margarita; Hermoso, José MiguelArtículo
2004Phage φ29 And Its RelativesSalas, MargaritaCapítulo de libro
26-Nov-2004Phage φ29 DNA Replication Organizer Membrane Protein p16.7 Contains a Coiled Coil and a Dimeric, Homeodomain-related, Functional DomainMuñoz-Espín, D.; Mateu, M.; Villar, Laurentino; Salas, Margarita; Meijer, Wilhelmus J. J.Artículo
9-Oct-2008Phage φ29 protein p56 prevents viral DNA replication impairment caused by uracil excision activity of uracil-DNA glycosylaseSerrano-Heras, Gemma; Bravo García, Alicia; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
21-May-1999Phage φ29 Terminal Protein Residues Asn80 and Tyr82 Are Recognition Elements of the Replication OriginsIllana, Belén; Lázaro, José M.; Gutiérrez, C.; Meijer, Wilhelmus J. J.; Blanco, Luis; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
2007Phage Φ29: Membrane-associated DNA Replication and Mechanism of Alternative Infection StrategyMeijer, Wilhelmus J. J.; Muñoz-Espín, D.; Castilla, Virginia; Salas, MargaritaCapítulo de libro
2002Phi 29 DNA polymerase residues Tyr59, His61 and Phe69 of the highly conserved ExoII motif are essential for interaction with the terminal proteinEisenbrandt, Ralf; Lázaro, José M.; Salas, Margarita; Vega, Miguel deArtículo

Showing results 200 to 219 of 353