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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
30-Oct-1990Deletions at the N terminus of bacteriophage ø29 protein p6: DNA binding and activity in ø29 DNA replicationOtero, M. J.; Lázaro, José M.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
15-Jan-2009Different responses to Spo0A-mediated suppression of the related Bacillus subtilis phages Nf and φ29Castilla, Virginia; Salas, Margarita; Meijer, Wilhelmus J. J.Artículo
1997Differential functional behavior of viral ϕ29, Nf and GA-1 SSB proteinsGascón, Irene; Lázaro, José M.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
15-Jun-2009Differential Spo0A-mediated effects on transcription and replication of the relateds Bacillus subtilis phages Nf and ø29 explain their different behaviours in vivoCastilla, Virginia; Meijer, Wilhelmus J. J.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1-Oct-1965Direction of reading of the genetic messageSalas, Margarita; Smith, M. A.; Stanely Jr., W. M.; Wahba, A. J.; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
1966Direction of reading of the genetic message. II.Smith, M.A.; Salas, Margarita; Stanely, W. M. Jr.; Wahba, A. J.; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
Dec-1975Discrepancy in the mobility of a protein of phage φ29 in two different SDS polyacrylamide-gel systemsCamacho, Ana Gema; Carrascosa, José L.; Viñuela, Eladio; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
17-Mar-2010DNA bending and looping in the transcriptional control of Bacteriophage Ø29Camacho, Ana Gema; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1998DNA polymerase template switching at specific sites on the phi29 genome causes the in vivo accumulation of subgenomic phi29 DNA moleculesMurty, Vundavalli; Meijer, Wilhelmus J. J.; Blanco, Luis; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
2007DNA sequence-specific recognition by a transcriptional regulator requires indirect readout of A-tractsMendieta, Jesús; Pérez-Lago, Laura; Salas, Margarita; Camacho, Ana GemaArtículo
1994DNA structure in the nucleoprotein complex that activates replication of phage phi 29Hermoso, José Miguel; Freire, Raimundo; Bravo García, Alicia; Gutiérrez, C.; Serrano, M.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1992DNA-independent deoxynucleotidylation of the ø29 terminal protein by the ø29 DNA polymeraseBlanco, Luis; Bernad, Antonio; Esteban, J. A.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
29-Dec-1971DNA-Protein Complex in Circular DNA from Phage ø29Ortán, Juan; Viñuela, Eladio; Salas, Margarita; Vasquez, CesarArtículo
1-Aug-2000Dynamic relocalization of phage ø29 DNA during replication and the role of the viral proteinMeijer, Wilhelmus J. J.; Lewis, Peter J.; Errington, Jeff; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
Oct-2008Editing of misaligned 3’-termini by an intrinsic 3’–5’ exonuclease activity residing in the PHP domain of a family X DNA polymeraseBaños, Benito; Lázaro, José M.; Villar, Laurentino; Salas, Margarita; Vega, Miguel deArtículo
Sep-1986Effect of aphidicolin and nucleotide analogs on the phage ø29 DNA polymeraseBlanco, Luis; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
26-Feb-1999Effect of mutations in the “extended −10” motif of three Bacillus subtilis σA-RNA polymerase-dependent promotersCamacho, Ana Gema; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1987Effect of NH4 + ions on ø29 DNA-protein p3 replication: Formation of a complex between the terminal protein and the DNA polymeraseBlanco, Luis; Prieto, I.; Gutiérrez, J.; Bernad, Antonio; Lázaro, José M.; Hermoso, José Miguel; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1966Effect of polyadenylic acid chain length on the size distribution of lysine peptides.Smith, M. A.; Salas, Margarita; Stanley, W. R.; Wahba, A. J.; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
30-Nov-1989Effects of internal deletions on the priming activity of the phage ø29 terminal proteinZaballos, Ángel; Lázaro, José M.; Méndez, E.; Mellado, Rafael P.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo

Showing results 78 to 97 of 341