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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2-Mar-2006The ø29 DNA polymerase: protein-primed structure suggests a model for the initiation to elongation transitionKamtekar, S.; Berman, A.; Wang, J.; Lázaro, José M.; Vega, Miguel de; Blanco, Luis; Salas, Margarita; Steitz, T. A.Artículo
1998Transcription activation and repression by interaction of a regulator with the subunit of RNA polymerase: the model of phage ø29 protein p4Rojo, Fernando; Mencía, Mario; Monsalve, María; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
5-Jun-1991Transcription activation at a distance by phage ø29 protein p4Serrano, M.; Barthelemy, Isabel; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
25-Jun-1996Transcription activation by phage phi29 protein p4 is mediated by interaction with the alpha subunit of Bacillus subtilis RNA polymeraseMencía, Mario; Mosalve, M.; Rojo, Fernando; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
Dec-1997Transcription Activation or Repression by Phage Φ29 Protein p4 Depends on the Strength of the RNA Polymerase–Promoter InteractionsMonsalve, M.; Calles, Belén; Mencía, Mario; Salas, Margarita; Rojo, FernandoArtículo
1976Transcription in vitro of ø29 DNA and EcoRI fragments by Bacillus subtilis RNA polymeraseInciarte, M. R.; Viñuela, Eladio; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1991Transcription regulation in Bacillus subtilis phage Φ29Rojo, Fernando; Barthelemy, Isabel; Nuez, B.; Serrano, M.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
20-Feb-1995Transcription Regulation in Bacillus subtilis Phage Φ29: Expression of the Viral Promoters throughout the Infection CycleMonsalve, María; Mario, Mencía; Rojo, Fernando; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1998Transcriptional Activation of the Bacillus subtilis spoIIG Promoter by the Response Regulator Spo0A Is Independent of the C-Terminal Domain of the RNA Polymerase Alpha SubunitRowe-Magnus, Dean A.; Mencía, Mario; Rojo, Fernando; Salas, Margarita; Spiegelman, George B.Artículo
1995Transcriptional regulators: Protein-DNA complexes and regulatory mechanismsRojo, Fernando; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1988Transition from initiation to elongation in the protein-primed ø29 DNA replication. Salt-dependent stimulation by the viral protein p6Blanco, Luis; Bernad, Antonio; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1966Translation of the genetic message. I. Factors involved in the initiation of protein synthesisStanely, W. M. Jr.; Salas, Margarita; Wahba, A. J.; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
1967Translation of the genetic message. II. Effect of initiation factors on the binding of formyl-methionyl-tRNA to ribosomesSalas, Margarita; Hille, M. B.; Last, J. A.; Wahba, A. J.; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
1967Translation of the genetic message. III. Formylmethionine as initiator of proteins programed by polycistronic messenger RNA.Viñuela, Eladio; Salas, Margarita; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
1967Translation of the genetic message. IV. UAA as a chain termination codonLast, J. A.; Stanely, W. M. Jr.; Salas, Margarita; Hille, M. B.; Wahba, A. J.; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
1967Translation of the genetic message. V. Effect of Mg++ and formylation of methionine on protein synthesisSalas, Margarita; Miller, M. J.; Wahba, A. J.; Ochoa, SeveroArtículo
1964Two interconvertible forms of yeast phosphofructokinase with different sensitivity to end-product inhibitionViñuela, Eladio; Salas, Margarita; Sols, AlbertoArtículo
9-Jan-2004Two Positively Charged Residues of φ29 DNA Polymerase, Conserved in Protein-primed DNA Polymerases, are Involved in Stabilisation of the Incoming NucleotideTruniger, Verónica; Lázaro, José M.; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
15-Nov-1993ø29 DNA polymerase active site. Residue Asp249 of conserved amino acid motif Dx2SLYP is critical for synthetic activitiesBlasco, María A.; Lázaro, José M.; Blanco, Luis; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
1993ø29 DNA polymerase active site. The conserved amino acid motif "Kx3NSxYG" is involved in template-primer binding and dNTP selectionBlasco, María A.; Lázaro, José M.; Blanco, Luis; Salas, MargaritaArtículo

Showing results 313 to 332 of 341