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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2-May-2007Parasitic species of the Genus Blastodinium (Blastodiniphyceae) are Peridinioid DinoflagellatesSkovgaard, Alf; Massana, Ramon; Saiz, EnricArtículo
19-Apr-2007Physical control of zooplankton communities in the Catalan SeaAlcaraz, Miquel; Calbet, Albert; Estrada, Marta; Marrasé, Cèlia; Saiz, Enric; Trepat, IsabelArtículo
Dec-2011Phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing along a sub-Arctic fjord (Godthåbsfjord, west Greenland)Calbet, Albert; Riisgaard, Karen; Saiz, Enric; Zamora, Sara; Stedmon, Colin; Gissel Nielsen, TorkelArtículo
May-2013Plankton community structure and role of Oithona similis on the western coast of Greenland during the winter-spring transitionZamora, Sara; Gissel Nielsen, Torkel; Saiz, EnricArtículo
Jul-2014Population dynamics and production of the small copepod Oithona spp. in a subarctic fjord of West GreenlandZamora, Sara; Kjellerup, Sanne; Swalethorp, Rasmus; Saiz, Enric; Nielsen, Torkel G.Artículo
2005Predicting single and mixture toxicity of petrogeneic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) to the copepod Oithona davisae. Implications for environmental risk assessment of oil spills in the marine plankton food webBarata Martí, Carlos; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, Enric; Ortiz Vera, Laura; Bayona Termens, Josep MaríaComunicación de congreso
Sep-2011Protein and nucleic acid metabolism as proxies for growth and fitness of Oithona davisae (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) early developmental stagesYebra, Lidia; Berdalet, Elisa; Almeda, Rodrigo; Pérez, Verónica; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, EnricArtículo
Sep-2013Sensory capabilities and food capture of two small copepods, Paracalanus parvus and Pseudocalanus sp.Tiselius, Peter; Saiz, Enric; Kiørboe, ThomasArtículo
Mar-2013Sensory capabilities and food capture of two small copepods, Paracalanus parvus and Pseudocalanus sp.Tiselius, Peter; Saiz, Enric; Kiørboe, ThomasComunicación de congreso
1993Sources of variability in zooplankton feeding experiments: The importance of accurate determination of algal growth ratesSaiz, EnricArtículo
2009Swimming dynamics of zooplanktonSaiz, EnricCapítulo de libro
12-Jul-2012Temperature and arctic zooplankton: metabolic rates and stoichiometry of the excretion productsAlcaraz, Miquel; Almeda, Rodrigo; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, Enric; Duarte, Carlos M.Comunicación de congreso
2010The role of arctic zooplankton in biogeochemical cycles: Respiration and excretion of ammonia and phosphate during summerAlcaraz, Miquel; Almeda, Rodrigo; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, Enric; Duarte, Carlos M.; Lasternas, Sebastien; Agustí, Susana; Santiago, Reyes de; Movilla, Juan Ignacio; Alonso, A.Artículo
2014The ZooplanktonSaiz, Enric; Sabatés, Ana; Gili, Josep MariaCapítulo de libro
Jan-2011Trophic role and carbon budget of metazoan microplankton in northwest Mediterranean coastal watersAlmeda, Rodrigo; Calbet, Albert; Alcaraz, Miquel; Saiz, Enric; Trepat, Isabel; Arin, Laura; Movilla, Juan Ignacio; Salo, VioletaArtículo
4-Jul-2012Vital rates of sardine and anchovy larvae: trying to shed new light on early life history dynamicsGarrido, S.; Chicharo, M. A.; Ben-Hamadou, R.; Baylina, N.; Saiz, Enric; Peck, M.Comunicación de congreso
Feb-2013Zooplankton distribution and feeding in the Arctic Ocean during a Phaeocystis pouchetii bloomSaiz, Enric; Calbet, Albert; Isari, Stamatina; Antó, Meritxell; Velasco, Eva M.; Almeda, Rodrigo; Movilla, Juan Ignacio; Alcaraz, MiquelArtículo
1-Jul-2009Zooplankton grazing in the Atlantic Ocean: A latitudinal studyCalbet, Albert; Atienza, Dacha; Henriksen, Casper I.; Saiz, Enric; Adey, Timothy R.Artículo

Showing results 30 to 47 of 47