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12-Oct-2012AARS activity and RNA/DNA ratio as proxies for growth and fitness of Oithona davisae early developmental stagesYebra, Lidia; Berdalet, Elisa; Almeda, Rodrigo; Pérez, Verónica; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, EnricPóster
19-Feb-2009Accumulation and Cycling of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in ZooplanktonBerrojalbiz, Naiara; Lacorte Bruguera, Silvia; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, Enric; Barata Martí, Carlos; Darch, JordiArtículo
Jul-2005Acute Effects Of Single And Mixed Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Associated To Oil Spills On The Copepod Oithona DavisaeBarata Martí, Carlos; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, Enric; Ortiz Vera, Laura; Bayona Termens, Josep MaríaComunicación de congreso
May-2013Adaptations to feast and famine in different strains of the marine heterotrophic dinoflagellates Gyrodinium dominans and Oxyrrhis marinaCalbet, Albert; Isari, Stamatina; Martínez, Rodrigo Andrés; Saiz, Enric; Garrido, Susana; Peters, J.; Borrat, Rosa María; Alcaraz, MiquelArtículo
Mar-2001Annual Zooplankton Succession in Coastal NW Mediterranean Waters: The Importance of the Smaller Size FractionsCalbet, Albert; Garrido, Susana; Saiz, Enric; Alcaraz, Miquel; Duarte, Carlos M.Artículo
Feb-2007Centropages behaviour: Swimming and vertical migrationAlcaraz, Miquel; Saiz, Enric; Calbet, AlbertArtículo
May-2011Copepod feeding in the ocean: Scaling patterns, composition of their diet and the bias of estimates due to microzooplankton grazing during incubationsSaiz, Enric; Calbet, AlbertArtículo
Sep-2013Copepod feeding performance as a function of prey nutritional qualityIsari, Stamatina; Antó, Meritxell; Saiz, EnricComunicación de congreso
Dec-2013Copepod Foraging on the Basis of Food Nutritional Quality: Can Copepods Really Choose?Isari, Stamatina; Antó, Meritxell; Saiz, EnricArtículo
Mar-2010Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems: observation and experimentationHarris, R. P.; Buckley, Lawrence J.; Campbell, Robert G.; Chiba, Sanae; Costa, Daniel P.; Dickey, Tommy D.; Irigoien, Xabier; Kiørboe, Thomas; Möllmann, Christian; Ohman, D.; Runge, Jeffrey A.; Saiz, Enric; Wiebe, Peter H.Capítulo de libro
Aug-2007Ecological functioning of the Iberian seas: A synthesis of GLOBEC research in Spain and PortugalEchevarría, Fidel; Acuña, José Luis; Hernández León, Santiago; Saiz, Enric; Santos, A. Miguel P.; Barangé, ManuelArtículo
May-2007Ecological success of the cladoceran Penilia avirostris in the marine environment : feeding performance, gross growth efficiencies and life historyAtienza, Dacha; Calbet, Albert; Saiz, Enric; Lopes, Rubens M.Artículo
Dec-2012Effect of food type and concentration on growth and fatty acid composition of early larvae of the anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) reared under laboratory conditionsGarrido, Susana; Saiz, Enric; Peters, J.; Ré, P.; Álvarez, P.; Cotano, Unai; Herrero, D. L.; Martínez de Murguía, A.; Irigoien, XabierArtículo
Jan-2013Effects of food concentration on egg production and feeding rates of the cyclopoid copepod Oithona davisaeZamora, Sara; Saiz, EnricArtículo
15-Dec-2014Effects of prey concentration on ingestion rates of European sardine Sardina pilchardus larvae in the laboratoryCaldeira, C.; Santos, A.M.P; Ré, P.; Peck, M.A.; Saiz, Enric; Garrido, S.Artículo
2010Effects of temperature and food concentration on the survival, development and growth rates of naupliar stages of Oithona davisae (Copepoda, Cyclopoida)Almeda, Rodrigo; Calbet, Albert; Alcaraz, Miquel; Yebra, Lidia; Saiz, EnricArtículo
Feb-2013Effects of temperature on the metabolic stoichiometry of Arctic zooplanktonAlcaraz, Miquel; Almeda, Rodrigo; Saiz, Enric; Calbet, Albert; Duarte, Carlos M.; Agustí, Susana; Santiago, R.; Alonso, A.Artículo
Apr-2013Effects of temperature, food type and food concentration on the grazing of the calanoid copepod Centropages chierchiaeGarrido, Susana; Cruz, Joana; Santos, A. Miguel P.; Ré, P.; Saiz, EnricArtículo
Sep-2013Effects of trophic cascades in dilution grazing experiments: from artificial saturated feeding responses to positive slopesCalbet, Albert; Saiz, EnricArtículo
Feb-2007Feeding activity and swimming patterns of Acartia grani and Oithona davisae nauplii in the presence of motile and non-motile preyIngerslev Henriksen, Casper; Saiz, Enric; Calbet, Albert; Widding Hansen, BenniArtículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 52