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openAccess1228.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2010Reproductive pattern of an exploited dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe 1834) (Pisces: Serranidae) population in the western MediterraneanReñones, Olga; Grau, Amàlia; Mas, Xavier; Riera, Francesc; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessDominguez-Petit_et_al_Cybium_32_2_2008.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2008Reproductive strategy and oocyte recruitment process of European hake (Merluccius merluccius) in Galician shelf watersDomínguez-Petit, Rosario; Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessAlonso_et_al_Cybium_32_2_2008.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2008Reproductive strategy of pouting, Trisopterus luscus (Linnaeus, 1758)Alonso-Fernández, Alexandre; Domínguez-Petit, Rosario; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
closedAccess2015Reproductive tactics of the freshwater fish brycon guatemalensis (teleostei: Characidae) in the lake NicaraguaHernández-Portocarrero, Aldo; Domínguez-Petit, Rosario; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessLowerre-Barbieri.pdf.jpg2011Reproductive timing in marine fishes: variability, temporal scales, and methodsLowerre-Barbieri, Susan; Ganias, Konstantinos; Saborido-Rey, Fran; Murua, Hilario; Hunter, JohnArtículo
openAccessResults from Bottom Trawl_1998-scr-98-030.pdf.jpg1998Results from bottom trawl survey of flemish cap in july 1997Vázquez, Antonio; Ávila de Melo, A.; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessResults bottom_2001-scr01-022.pdf.jpg2001Results from bottom trawl survey on flemish cap of july 2000Saborido-Rey, Fran; Vázquez, AntonioArtículo
openAccessscr03-042.pdf.jpg2003Results from Bottom Trawl Survey on Flemish Cap of July 2002Saborido-Rey, Fran; Vázquez, AntonioArtículo
openAccessResults bottom_2006-scr06-016.pdf.jpg2006Results from bottom trawl survey on flemish cap of july-august 2005González-Troncoso, Diana; Casas, J. M.; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessscr01-107.pdf.jpg2001A Review of the Population Structure and Ecology of Redfish in the Irminger Sea and Adjacent WatersSaborido-Rey, Fran; Garabana, Dolores; Stransky, ChristophArtículo
closedAccess2004Review of the population structure and ecology of S. mentella in the Irminger sea and adjacent watersSaborido-Rey, Fran; Garabana, Dolores; Stransky, Christoph; Melnikov, Sergey; Shibanov, VladimirArtículo
openAccessscr05-047.pdf.jpg2005A Revised Assessment of Beaked Redfish (S. mentella and S. fasciatus) in NAFO Division 3M Using the Original EU Survey Indices Converted to the New RV Vizconde de Eza UnitsÁvila de Melo, A.; Alpoim, R.; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessSeasonal_variability_Baltic.pdf.jpg2013Seasonal variability of fecundity and spawning dynamics of Baltic spratHaslob, H.; Rábade, Sonia; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessCardenas.pdf.jpg1997Selectivity of 130 mm mesh size in deep sea bottom trawl fishery in NAFO Regulatory AreaCárdenas, Enrique de; Ávila de Melo, A.; Iglesias, S.; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessSelectivity of 130 mm_1995-scr-95-047.pdf.jpg1995Selectivity of 130 mm mesh size in deep sea bottom trawl fishery in NAFO regulatory areaCárdenas, Enrique de; Ávila de Melo, A.; Iglesias, S.; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessSexual Maturity_1999-scr99-029.pdf.jpg1999Sexual maturity and spawning biomass of the cod stock on flemish cap (division 3M)Saborido-Rey, Fran; Junquera, FranArtículo
openAccessscr-97-018.pdf.jpg1997Sexual Maturity and Spawning Biomass of the Cod Stock on Flemish Cap (Division 3M)Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo
openAccessSexual maturity cod_1995-scr-95-030.pdf.jpg1995Sexual maturity of Cod (Gadus morhua) in Flemish cap (Div. 3M)Saborido-Rey, Fran; Junquera, S.Artículo
openAccessSpawning_biomass_variation.pdf.jpg1999Spawning biomass variation in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) in Flemish cap in relation to changes in growth and maturationSaborido-Rey, Fran; Junquera, S.Artículo
closedAccess3-Dec-2008Spawning pattern and reproductive strategy of female pouting Trisopterus luscus (Gadidae) on the Galician shelf of north-western SpainAlonso-Fernández, Alexandre; Domínguez-Petit, Rosario; Bao, Miguel; Rivas, Cathaysa; Saborido-Rey, FranArtículo