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openAccess2015Biofilm growth and nitrogen uptake responses to increases in nitrate and ammonium availabilityRibot, Miquel; Von Schiller, Daniel; Sabater, Francesc; Martí, EugèniaArtículo
closedAccess20-Jan-2008Biophysical controls on organic carbon fluxes in fluvial networksBattin, T. J.; Kaplan, L. A.; Findlay, S.; Hopkinson, C. S.; Martí, Eugènia; Packman, A.; Newbold, J. D.; Sabater, FrancescArtículo
closedAccess2009Changes in macroinvertebrate elemental stoichiometry below a point source in a Mediterranean streamOrtiz, J. D.; Puig, Mariàngels; Martí, Eugènia; Sabater, Francesc; Merseburger, G.Capítulo de libro
openAccesshess-16-1595-2012.pdf.jpg2012Changes ni stream discahrge and solute dynamics between hillslope and valley-bottom intermittent streams.Bernal, Susana; Sabater, FrancescArtículo
openAccessChemical and biological.pdf.jpg1987Chemical and biological changes in the Ter River induced by a series of reservoirsPuig, Mariàngels; Armengol, Joan; Gonzalez, G.; Peñuelas, Josep; Sabater, Francesc; Sabater, SergiCapítulo de libro
embargoedAccessBernal 2.pdf.jpg2015Climate response of the soil nitrogen cycle in three forest types of a headwater Mediterranean catchmentLupon, Anna; Gerber, S.; Sabater, Francesc; Bernal, SusanaArtículo
closedAccess2008Combined effects of leaf litter inputs and a flood on nutrient retention in a Mediterranean mountain stream during fallArgerich, A.; Martí, Eugènia; Sabater, Francesc; Ribot, Miquel; Von Schiller, D.; Riera, Joan L.Artículo
openAccessISBN 978-84-695-8587-0.pdf.jpgNov-2013Conservar aprovechando: Cómo integrar el cambio global en la gestión de los montes españolesAlonso, Rocío; Angulo, Elena ; Bernal, Susana; Carrillo-Gavilán, Amparo ; Caut, Stéphane ; Cerdá, Xim ; Díaz Esteban, Mario ; Estiarte, Marc; Gallart Gallego, Francesc; González-Moreno, Pablo ; Lupon, Anna; Marañón, Teodoro; Peñuelas, Josep; Sabaté, Santi; Sabater, Francesc; Sardans, Jordi; Valladares Ros, Fernando Libro
closedAccessFeb-2006Cross-site Comparison of Variability of DOC and Nitrate c–q Hysteresis during the Autumn–winter Period in Three Mediterranean Headwater Streams: A Synthetic ApproachButturini, Andrea; Gallart Gallego, Francesc; Latrón, J.; Vázquez, Eusebi; Sabater, FrancescArtículo
closedAccess2009Effects of agricultural runoff versus point sources on the biogeochemical processes of receiving stream ecosystems.Merseburger, G.; Martí, Eugènia; Sabater, Francesc; Ortiz, J. D.Capítulo de libro
closedAccessMay-2007Effects of nutrients and light on periphyton biomass and nitrogen uptake in Mediterranean streams with contrasting land usesVon Schiller, D.; Martí, Eugènia; Riera, Joan L.; Sabater, FrancescArtículo
closedAccessDec-2000Effects of riparian vegetation removal on nutrient retention in a Mediterranean streamSabater, Francesc; Butturini, Andrea; Martí, Eugènia; Muñoz, I.; Romaní, Anna; Wray, J.; Sabater, SergiArtículo
closedAccess2008Effects of Urbanization on aquatic macroinvertebrates in Mediterranean streamsOrtiz, J. D.; Merseburger, G.; Martí, Eugènia; Ordeix, M.; Sabater, FrancescCapítulo de libro
closedAccess2010Effects of wastewater treatment plants on stream nutrient dynamics under water scarcity conditionsMartí, Eugènia; Riera, Joan L.; Sabater, FrancescCapítulo de libro
openAccess2013Els boscos de riberaSabater, Francesc; Bernal, Susana; Lupon, Anna; Poblador, Sílvia; Martí, EugèniaCapítulo de libro
openAccess2013Els ecosistemes d’aigues continentalsSabater, Francesc; Martí, Eugènia; Ventura, Marc; Gacia, Esperança; Quintana, Xavier; Boix, DanielCapítulo de libro
openAccess2013Els rierols de muntaya mitjanaMartí, Eugènia; Von Schiller, D.; Ribot, Miquel; Peipoch, Marc; Merbt, S.; Serra, A.; Sabater, FrancescCapítulo de libro
closedAccess7-Jul-2007Exploring the ecological status of human altered streams through Generative Topographic MappingVellido, A.; Martí, Eugènia; Comas, J.; Rodríguez-Roda, I.; Sabater, FrancescArtículo
openAccessOct-2007Factors limiting denitrification in a Mediterranean riparian forestBernal, Susana; Sabater, Francesc; Butturini, Andrea; Nin, Ester; Sabater, SergiArtículo
closedAccess2006Fluvial nutrient dynamics in a humanized landscape. Insights from a hierarchical perspectiveMartí, Eugènia; Sabater, Francesc; Riera, Joan L.; Merseburger, G. C.; Von Schiller, D.; Argerich, A.; Caille, F.; Fonollà, P.Capítulo de libro