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2008Preservation of Quercus robur germplasm by cryostorage of embryogenic cultures derived from mature trees and rapd analysis of genetic stabilitySánchez, C.; Martínez, M.T.; Vidal, N.; San José, M.C.; Valladares, S.; Viéitez Martín, Ana MaríaArtículo
Feb-2008The contribution of citrate metabolism to the growth of Lactococcus lactis CRL264 at low pHSánchez, C.; Rute Neves, Ana; Cavalheiro, J.; Moreira dos Santos, M.; García-Quintáns, Nieves; López, P.; Santos, H.Artículo
2007Two SCARECROW-LIKE genes are induced in response to exogenous auxin in rooting-competent cuttings of distantly related forest species.Sánchez, C.; Vielba, J.; Ferro, E.; Covelo, G.; Solé, A.; Abarca, D.; Mier, B. de; Díaz-Sala, C.Artículo

Showing results 9 to 11 of 11