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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Mar-2012Marine benthic cartography of the Cap de Creus (NE Catalan Coast, Mediterranean Sea)Sardá, Rafael; Rossi, Sergio; Martí, Xavier; Gili, Josep MariaArtículo
Sep-2012Mother care in gorgonians: the Paramuricea clavata and Eunicella singularis case studyViladrich, Nuria; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Tsounis, Georgios; Martínez, Ángela; Isla, Enrique; Rossi, SergioComunicación de congreso
2009Near bottom phytoplankton and seston: importance in the pelagic-benthic coupling processesRossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep MariaCapítulo de libro
Jul-2011Net negative growth detected in a population of Leptogorgia sarmentosa: quantifying the biomass loss in a benthic soft bottom-gravel gorgonianRossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep Maria; Garrofé, XèniaArtículo
Jan-2012Patterns of variation in recruitment and post-recruitment processes of the Mediterranean precious gorgonian coral Corallium rubrumSantangelo, G.; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Rossi, Sergio; Tsounis, Georgios; Vielmini, Ilaria; Lott, C.; Gili, Josep MariaArtículo
Sep-2012Pautas de distribución espacial de dos especies coexistentes de corales blandos, Alcyonium acaule y Alcyonium palmatum, en el Mediterráneo noroccidentalAmbroso, Stefano; Gori, Andrea; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos; Teixidó, Nuria; Rossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep MariaComunicación de congreso
2002Plataformes de supervivència: epífits de rizomes i fullesRossi, Sergio; Vert, NeusTrabajo de divulgación
Sep-2012Population dynamics of short lived species can validate the trophic impact of long-lived species: the hydrozoan case studyRossi, Sergio; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Broglio, Elisabetta; Gili, Josep MariaComunicación de congreso
Mar-2006Protein, carbohydrate, lipid concentrations and HSP 70–HSP 90 (stress protein) expression over an annual cycle: useful tools to detect feeding constraints in a benthic suspension feederRossi, Sergio; Snyder, Mark J.; Gili, Josep MariaArtículo
Dec-2014Quantification of larval traits driving connectivity: the case of Corallium rubrum (L. 1758)Martínez-Quintana, A.; Bramanti, L.; Viladrich, N.; Rossi, SergioArtículo
Sep-2007Red Coral Fishery at the Costa Brava (NW Mediterranean): Case Study of an Overharvested Precious CoralTsounis, Georgios; Rossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep Maria; Arntz, Wolf E.Artículo
Sep-2012Reproductive cycle and trophic ecology in deep versus shallow populations of the Mediterranean gorgonian Eunicella singularis (Cap de Creus, northwestern Mediterranean Sea)Gori, Andrea; Viladrich, N.; Gili, Josep Maria; Kotta, M.; Cucio, C.; Magni, L.; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Rossi, SergioArtículo
2009Reproductive features and gonad development cycle of the soft bottom-gravel gorgonian Leptogorgia sarmentosa (Esper, 1791) in the NW Mediterranean SeaRossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep MariaArtículo
26-Jul-2008Response of Antarctic benthic communities to disturbance: first results from the artificial Benthic Disturbance Experiment on the eastern Weddell Sea Shelf, AntarcticaGerdes, D.; Isla, Enrique; Rossi, Sergio; Knust, R.; Mintenbeck, K.Artículo
Mar-2013Seasonal cycle of sexual reproduction of the Mediterranean soft coral Alcyonium acaule (Anthozoa, Octocorallia)Fiorillo, Ida; Rossi, Sergio; Alva, V.; Gili, Josep Maria; López-González, Pablo J.Artículo
Apr-2007Settlement and early survival of red coral on artificial substrates in different geographic areas: some clues for demography and restorationBramanti, Lorenzo; Rossi, Sergio; Tsounis, Georgios; Gili, Josep Maria; Santangelo, G.Artículo
Apr-2013Sexual reproductive cycle of the epibiotic soft coral Alcyonium coralloides (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea)Quintanilla, E.; Gili, Josep Maria; López-González, Pablo J.; Tsounis, Georgios; Madurell, Teresa; Fiorillo, Ida; Rossi, SergioArtículo
1-Jan-2007Short-time-scale variability of near-bottom seston composition during spring in a warm temperate seaRossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep MariaArtículo
Aug-2011Size and spatial structure in deep versus shallow populations of the Mediterranean gorgonian Eunicella singularis (Cap de Creus, northwestern Mediterranean Sea)Gori, Andrea; Rossi, Sergio; Linares, Cristina; Berganzo, Elisa; Orejas, Covadonga; Dale, Mark R.T.; Gili, Josep MariaArtículo
Sep-2014Size, spatial, and bathymetrical distribution of the ascidian Halocynthia papillosa in Mediterranean coastal bottoms: benthic–pelagic coupling implicationsCoppari, Martina; Gori, Andrea; Rossi, SergioArtículo

Showing results 29 to 48 of 64