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May-2014Demographic parameters of two populations of red coral (Corallium rubrum L. 1758) in the North Western MediterraneanBramanti, Lorenzo; Vielmini, Ilaria; Rossi, Sergio; Tsounis, Georgios; Iannelli, Mimmo; Cattaneo-Vietti, R.; Priori, C.; Santangelo, G.Artículo
2010Determination of Corallium rubrum population age structureVielmini, Ilaria; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Tsounis, Georgios; Rossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep Maria; Cattaneo-Vietti, R.; Santangelo, G.Comunicación de congreso
May-2006Diet and seasonal prey capture rates in the Mediterranean red coral (Corallium rubrum L.)Tsounis, Georgios; Rossi, Sergio; Laudien, Jürgen; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Fernández, Neus; Gili, Josep Maria; Arntz, Wolf E.Artículo
2000The effects of exposure to wave action on the distribution and morphology of the epiphytic hydrozoans Clava multicornis and Dynamena pumilaGili, Josep Maria; Rossi, Sergio; Hughes, R. G.Artículo
Jun-2013Effects of food availability on the sexual reproduction and biochemical composition of the Mediterranean gorgonian Paramuricea clavataGori, Andrea; Linares, Cristina; Viladrich, Nuria; Orejas, Covadonga; Fiorillo, Ida; Ambroso, Stefano; Gili, Josep Maria; Rossi, SergioArtículo
Jan-2006Effects of spatial variability and colony size on the reproductive output and gonadal development cycle of the Mediterranean red coral (Corallium rubrum L.)Tsounis, Georgios; Rossi, Sergio; Aranguren, Maria; Gili, Josep Maria; Arntz, Wolf E.Artículo
Apr-2012Energy balance and environmental impact analysis of marine microalgal biomass production for biodiesel generation in a photobioreactor pilot plantSevigné Itoiz, E.; Fuentes-Grünewald, Claudio; Gasol, C.M.; Garcés, Esther; Alacid, Elisabet; Rossi, Sergio; Rieradevall Pons, JoanArtículo
Jun-2008Fatty acid trophic markers and trophic links among seston, crustacean zooplankton and the siphonophore Nanomia cara in Georges Basin and Oceanographer Canyon (NW Atlantic)Rossi, Sergio; Youngbluth, Marsh; Pagès, Francesc; Jacoby, Charles A.; Garrofé, XèniaArtículo
Jan-2013Feeding ecology and trophic impact of the hydroid Obelia dichotoma in the Kongsfjorden (Spitsbergen, Arctic)Orejas, Covadonga; Rossi, Sergio; Peralba, Áurea; García, Eva; Gili, Josep Maria; Lippert, HeikeArtículo
Sep-2012Fitness of two Mediterranean coastal rocky fishes: the role of Marine Protected Areas and stochastic autumn heavy stormsViladrich, Núria; Rossi, Sergio; López-Sanz, Àngel; Orejas, CovadongaComunicación de congreso
2008Herbivory in small carnivores: benthic hydroids as an exampleGili, Josep Maria; Duró, Alícia; García-Valero, Josep; Gasol, Josep M.; Rossi, SergioArtículo
2010Identifyng population decline in Corallium rubrum by using Historical InformationTsounis, Georgios; Rossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep MariaComunicación de congreso
Jan-2012Improvement of lipid production in the marine strains Alexandrium minutum and Heterosigma akashiwo by utilizing abiotic parametersFuentes-Grünewald, Claudio; Garcés, Esther; Alacid, Elisabet; Sampedro, Nagore; Rossi, Sergio; Camp, JordiArtículo
Oct-2011Involvement of recreational scuba divers in emblematic species monitoring: The case of Mediterranean red coral (Corallium rubrum)Bramanti, Lorenzo; Vielmini, Ilaria; Rossi, Sergio; Stolfa, Stefano; Santangelo, G.Artículo
2005Les comunitats bentòniques antàrtiques: el resultat d'una llarga històriaGili, Josep Maria; Palanques, Albert; Orejas, Covadonga; Isla, Enrique; Teixidó, Nuria; Rossi, Sergio; López-González, PabloTrabajo de divulgación
15-Feb-2006Lipid biomarkers and trophic linkages between phytoplankton, zooplankton and anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) larvae in the NW MediterraneanRossi, Sergio; Sabatés, Ana; Latasa, Mikel; Reyes, E.Artículo
Dec-2011Low connectivity and declining genetic variability along a depth gradient in Corallium rubrum populationsCostanini, F.; Rossi, Sergio; Pintus, E.; Cerrano, C.; Gili, Josep Maria; Abbiati, M.Artículo
Mar-2012Marine benthic cartography of the Cap de Creus (NE Catalan Coast, Mediterranean Sea)Sardá, Rafael; Rossi, Sergio; Martí, Xavier; Gili, Josep MariaArtículo
Sep-2012Mother care in gorgonians: the Paramuricea clavata and Eunicella singularis case studyViladrich, Nuria; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Tsounis, Georgios; Martínez, Ángela; Isla, Enrique; Rossi, SergioComunicación de congreso
2009Near bottom phytoplankton and seston: importance in the pelagic-benthic coupling processesRossi, Sergio; Gili, Josep MariaCapítulo de libro

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