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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Hedgehog activation is required upstream of Wnt signalling to control neural progenitor proliferationAlvarez-Medina, Roberto; Dréau, G. le; Ros, María A.; Martí, ElisaArtículo
2008How do we get a perfect complement of digits?Bastida, M. Félix; Ros, María A.Artículo
2012Hox genes regulate digit patterning by controlling the wavelength of a turing-type mechanismSheth, Rushikesh; Bastida, M. Félix; Junco, Marisa; Ros, María A.Artículo
2011Hoxa13 and Hoxd11-13 are required for the adequate crosstalk between signaling pathways in limb developmentRos, María A.Comunicación de congreso
2007Hoxd and Gli3 interactions modulate digit number in the amniote limbSheth, Rushikesh; Bastida, M. Félix; Ros, María A.Artículo
2011Initiation of proximal-distal patterning in the vertebrate limb by signals and growthFernandez-Teran, Marian; Ros, María A.; Tabin, Clifford J.Artículo
Jul-2009A reevaluation of X-irradiation-induced phocomelia and proximodistal limb patterningGalloway, Jenna L.; Delgado, Irene; Ros, María A.; Tabin, Clifford J.Artículo
2012Role of 5'Hox genes in endochondral ossificationRos, María A.Comunicación de congreso
15-Jan-2010Role of Epiprofin, a zinc-finger transcription factor, in limb developmentDelgado, Irene; Ros, María A.Artículo
2012Sirenomelia phenotype in Bmp7;Shh compound mutants: A novel experimental model for studies of caudal body malformationsGarrido-Allepuz, Carlos; González-Lamuño, Domingo; Ros, María A.Artículo
May-1997Slug, a zinc finger gene previously implicated in the early patterning of the mesoderm and the neural crest, is also involved in chick limb developmentRos, María A.; Sefton, Mark; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
2008The apical ectodermal ridge: morphological aspects and signaling pathwaysFernandez-Teran, Marian; Ros, María A.Artículo
1-Nov-1998The expression and regulation of chick EphA7 suggests roles in limb patterning and innervationAraujo, María; Piedra, M. Elisa; Herrera, M. Teresa; Ros, María A.; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
2008The incomplete inactivation of Fgf8 in the limb ectoderm affects the morphogenesis of the anterior autopod through BMP-mediated cell deathDelgado, Irene; Domínguez-Frutos, Elena; Schimmang, Thomas; Ros, María A.Artículo
2009Tissue-specific requirements for FGF8 during early inner ear developmentDomínguez-Frutos, Elena; Vendrell, Victor; Alvarez, Yolanda; Zelarayan, Laura Cecilia; López-Hernández, Iris; Ros, María A.; Schimmang, ThomasArtículo

Showing results 7 to 21 of 21