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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Nov-2006Incommensurate modulated structure of the ferromagnetic shape-memory Ni2MnGa martensite.Righi, Lara; Albertini, Franca; Calestani, Gianluca; Pareti, Luigi; Paoluzi, Antonio; Ritter, C.; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Morellón, Luis; Ibarra, M. RicardoArtículo
26-Apr-2006Magnetic and crystal structures of Er5(SixGe1−x)4Ritter, C.; Magen, C.; Morellón, Luis; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Ibarra, M. RicardoArtículo
15-Nov-2006Nature of the magnetic ordering for small mean-size and large-size mismatch of A-site cations in CMR manganites.Yusuf, S. M.; Teresa, José María de; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Blasco, Javier; Ibarra, M. Ricardo; Kumar, Amit; Ritter, C.Artículo
Oct-2006Possible quantum critical point in (La1−xDyx)0.7Ca0.3MnO3Yusuf, S. M.; Teresa, José María de; Ritter, C.; Serrate, David; Ibarra, M. Ricardo; Yakhmi, J. V.; Sahni, V. C.Artículo
Feb-2010Role of A-site cations in the metal-insulator transition in Pr0.5Ca0.5CoO3−γ (γ≈0)Barón-González, A. J.; Frontera Beccaria, Carlos; García-Muñoz, J. L.; Blasco, Javier; Ritter, C.Artículo
Jun-2010Structural effects of Sc doping on the multiferroic TbMnO3Cuartero, Vera; Blasco, Javier; García, Joaquín; Subías, G.; Ritter, C.; Rodriguéz-Velamazán, J. A.Artículo
Mar-2011Understanding the role played by Fe on the tuning of magnetocaloric effect in Tb5Si2Ge2Pereira, A. M.; Magen, C.; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Ritter, C.; Morellón, Luis; Ibarra, M. RicardoArtículo

Showing results 6 to 12 of 12