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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Mar-2007Proteomic analysis of human omental adipose tissue in the polycystic ovary syndrome using two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometryCortón, Marta; Botella-Carretero, José I.; López, Juan A.; Camafeita, Emilio; San Millán, José L.; Escobar-Morreale, Héctor F.; Peral, BelénPre-print
2008Proteomics and genomics: A hypothesis-free approach to the study of the role of visceral adiposity in the pathogenesis of the polycystic ovary syndromeEscobar-Morreale, Héctor F.; Insenser, María; Cortón, Marta; San Millán, José L.; Peral, BelénArtículo
23-Aug-2012Study of the potential association of adipose tissue GLP-1 receptor with obesity and insulin resistanceVendrell, Joan; El Bekay, Rajaa; Peral, Belén; Garcia-Fuentes, Eduardo; Macías-González, Manuel; Fernández-Real, José M.; Escoté, Xavier; Simó, Rafael; Tinahones, Francisco J.Artículo
2009Tackling the human adipose tissue proteome to gain insight into obesity and related pathologiesPeral, Belén; Camafeita, Emilio; Fernández-Real, José M.; López, Juan A.Artículo
2010The gene expression of the main lipogenic enzymes is downregulated in visceral adipose tissue of obese subjectsOrtega, Francisco J.; Moreno-Navarrete, José M.; Ricart, Wifredo; Peral, Belén; Tinahones, Francisco J.; Fernández-Real, José M.Artículo
17-Jan-2012Uncovering suitable reference proteins for expression studies in human adipose tissue with relevance to obesityPérez-Pérez, Rafael; López, Juan A.; García-Santos, Eva; Camafeita, Emilio; Gómez-Serrano, María; Ortega, Francisco J.; Ricart, Wifredo; Fernández-Real, José M.; Peral, BelénArtículo

Showing results 14 to 19 of 19