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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2003Nesting and feeding tree selection in the endangered White-backed Woodpecker, Dendrocopos leucotos lilfordiMelletti, M.; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2010New European Union fisheries regulations could benefit conservation of marine animalsPenteriani, Vincenzo; Pettorelli, N.; Gordon, I,J.; Katzner, T.; Mock, K.; Redpath, S.; Altwegg, R.; Gomper, M.E.Artículo
Nov-2010Night visionsPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del MarTrabajo de divulgación
2008Non-independence of demographic parameters: Positive density-dependent fecundity in eaglesFerrer, Miguel; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2014Owl dusk chorus is related to individual and nest site qualityPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del Mar; Stigliano, Renato; Campioni, Letizia; Sánchez, MaríaArtículo
2008Owls and rabbits: Predation against substandard individuals of an easy preyPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del Mar; Bartolommei, Paola; Maggio, C.; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos; Holloway, Graham J.Artículo
19-Aug-2008Owls May Use Faeces and Prey Feathers to Signal Current ReproductionPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del MarArtículo
2002Pre-laying vocal activity as a signal of male and nest stand quality in goshawksPenteriani, Vincenzo; Faivre, B.; Mazuc, J.; Cezilly, F.Artículo
2005Public information and territory establishment in a loosely colonial raptorSergio, Fabrizio; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2013Responses of a top and a meso predator and their prey to moon phasesPenteriani, Vincenzo; Kuparinen, Anna; Delgado, María del Mar; Palomares, Francisco; López-Bao, José V.; Fedriani, José M.; Calzada, Javier; Moreno, Sacramento; Villafuerte, Rafael; Campioni, Letizia; Lourenço, RuiArtículo
2010Secondary sex ratio in eurasian eagle-owls: Early-breeding females produce more daughtersMora, O.; Delgado, María del Mar; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2010Sex allocation from an owl perspective: Clutch order could determine brood sex to reduce sibling aggression in the Eagle Owl Bubo buboPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del Mar; Pérez-García, J.M.; Botella, Francisco; García, S.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Ortega, María L.; Martinez, J.E.; Calvo, J.F.; Ortego, J.; Penteriani, G.; Melletti, M.; Krugersberg, I.; Talavera, O.M.Artículo
2003Simultaneous effects of age and territory quality on fecundity in Bonelli's Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatusPenteriani, Vincenzo; Balbontín, Javier; Ferrer, MiguelArtículo
2010Social status influences microhabitat selection: Breeder and floater Eagle Owls Bubo bubo use different post sitesCampioni, Letizia; Delgado, María del Mar; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2007Some behavioral aspects of forest buffalo (Syncerus caffer nanus): From herd to individualMelletti, M.; Penteriani, Vincenzo; Mirabile, M.; Boitani, L.Artículo
2004Spatial heterogeneity and structure of bird populations: A case example with the eagle owlPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del Mar; Gallardo, Max; Ferrer, MiguelArtículo
2010Spatial properties of a forest buffalo herd and individual positioning as a response to environmental cues and social behaviourMelletti, M.; Delgado, María del Mar; Penteriani, Vincenzo; Mirabile, M.; Boitani, L.Artículo
2011Superpredation increases mercury levels in a generalist top predator, the eagle owlLourenço, Rui; Tavares, Paula C.; Delgado, María del Mar; Rabaça, Joaõ E.; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2011Superpredation patterns in four large European raptorsLourenço, Rui; Santos, Sara María; Rabaça, Joaõ E.; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2007Supplementary feeding and the population dynamic of the Spanish imperial eagleFerrer, Miguel; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo

Showing results 53 to 72 of 89