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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2008Behavioral states help translate dispersal movements into spatial distribution patterns of floatersDelgado, María del Mar; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2005Biases in population diet studies due to sampling in heterogeneous environments: A case study with the Eagle OwlPenteriani, Vincenzo; Sergio, Fabrizio; Delgado, María del Mar; Gallardo, Max; Ferrer, MiguelArtículo
2011Birthplace-dependent dispersal: are directions of natal dispersal determined a priori?Penteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del MarArtículo
2012Breeders and floaters use different habitat cover: Should habitat use be a social status-dependent strategy?Campioni, Letizia; Lourenço, Rui; Delgado, María del Mar; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2014Bright moonlight triggers natal dispersal departuresPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del Mar; Kuparinen, Anna; Saurola, Pertti; Valkama, Jari; Salo, Eino; Toivola, Jere; Aebischer, Adrian; Arlettaz, RaphaëlArtículo
2013Brightness features of visual signaling traits in young and adult eurasian eagle-owlsBettega, Chiara; Campioni, Letizia; Delgado, María del Mar; Lourenço, Rui; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2006Brightness variability in the white badge of the eagle owl Bubo buboPenteriani, Vincenzo; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos; Delgado, María del Mar; Sergio, Fabrizio; Ferrer, MiguelArtículo
2008Brood-switching in Eagle Owl Bubo bubo fledglingsPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del MarArtículo
30-Mar-2010Búho real – Bubo bubo (Linnaeus, 1758)Penteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del MarInforme Técnico
Jun-2006Can prey behaviour induce spatially synchronic aggregation of solitary predators?Penteriani, Vincenzo; Fortuna, Miguel A.; Melián, Carlos J.; Otalora, Fermín; Ferre, MiguelArtículo
2003Causal and functional correlates of brood amalgamation in the chinstrap penguin Pygoscelis antarctica : parental decision and adult aggressivenessPenteriani, Vincenzo; Viñuela, Javier; Belliure, Josabel; Bustamante, Javier; Ferrer, MiguelArtículo
2009Changes of movement patterns from early dispersal to settlementDelgado, María del Mar; Penteriani, Vincenzo; Nams, Vilis O.; Campioni, LetiziaArtículo
2007Coexistence of a generalist owl with its intraguild predator: distance-sensitive or habitat-mediated avoidance?Sergio, Fabrizio; Marchesi, Luigi; Pedrini, Paolo; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo
2002Conspecific density biases passive auditory surveysPenteriani, Vincenzo; Gallardo, Max; Cazassus, H.Artículo
2005Development of chicks and predispersal behaviour of young in the Eagle Owl Bubo buboPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del Mar; Maggio, C.; Aradis, A.; Sergio, FabrizioArtículo
2013Dispersal and species' responses to climate changeTravis, J.M.J.; Delgado, María del Mar; Bocedi, C.; Baguette, M.; Barton, K.; Bonte, D.; Boulangeat, I.; Hodgson, J.A.; Kubisch, A.; Penteriani, Vincenzo; Saastamoine, M.; Stevens, V.M.; Bullock, J.M.Artículo
2007Does a simple Cope¿s Rule mechanism overlook predators?Penteriani, Vincenzo; Kenward, RobertArtículo
8-Apr-2009The Dusk Chorus from an Owl Perspective: Eagle Owls Vocalize When Their White Throat Badge Contrasts MostPenteriani, Vincenzo; Delgado, María del MarArtículo
Feb-2012Eagle Owls in Doñana: a conservation dilemma or not?Penteriani, Vincenzo; Lourenço, Rui; Delgado, María del MarArtículo
2005Effect of agro-forestry and landscape changes on common buzzards (Buteo buteo) in the Alps: Implications for conservationSergio, Fabrizio; Scandolara, Chiara; Marchesi, Luigi; Pedrini, Paolo; Penteriani, VincenzoArtículo

Showing results 6 to 25 of 92