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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Sep-2014Seasonal changes in substrate utilization patterns by bacterioplankton in the Amundsen Gulf (western Arctic)Fernández-Gómez, Beatriz; Sala, M. Montserrat; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
22-May-2012Seasonal Changes in Substrate Utilization Patterns by Bacterioplankton in the Amundsen Gulf (Western Arctic)Fernández-Gómez, Beatriz; Nguyen, D.; Sala, M. Montserrat; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosPóster
Apr-2012Seasonal Patterns in Proteorhodopsin Gene Dynamics in the Arctic OceanNguyen, D.; Maranger, R.; Balagué, Vanessa; Coll-Lladó, Montserrat; Fernández-Gómez, Beatriz; Lovejoy, Connie; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosComunicación de congreso
Apr-2007Seasonality in bacterial diversity in north-west Mediterranean coastal waters: assessment through clone libraries, fingerprinting and FISHAlonso-Sáez, Laura; Balagué, Vanessa; Sà, Elisabet L.; Sánchez, Olga; González, José M.; Pinhassi, Jarone; Massana, Ramon; Penthaler, Jakob; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos; Gasol, Josep M.Artículo
30-Dec-2010Spatial patterns of bacterial richness and evenness in the NW Mediterranean Sea explored by pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNAPommier, Thomas; Neal, P. R.; Gasol, Josep M.; Coll-Lladó, Montserrat; Acinas, Silvia G.; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
2-Sep-2014Stimulation of growth by proteorhodopsin phototrophy involves regulation of central metabolic pathways in marine planktonic bacteriaPalovaara, Joakim; Akram, Neelam; Baltar, Federico; Bunse, Carina; Forsberg, Jeremy; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos; González, José M.; Pinhassi, JaroneArtículo
Jul-2001Study of Genetic Diversity of Eukaryotic Picoplankton in Different Oceanic Regions by Small-Subunit rRNA Gene Cloning and SequencingDíez, Beatriz; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos; Massana, RamonArtículo
May-2013Taxonomic composition of the particle-attached and free-living bacterial assemblages in the Northwest Mediterranean Sea analyzed by pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNAGómez Crespo, Bibiana; Pommier, Thomas; Fernández-Gómez, Beatriz; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
12-Jul-2012The biosphere of rare bacteria: the largest and oldest cooperative in the worldPedrós-Alió, CarlosComunicación de congreso
21-Aug-2012The metabolism of polar archaea: is urea playing a role?Alonso-Sáez, Laura; Estrada, Marta; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos; Bertilsson, S.Comunicación de congreso
24-Apr-2012The microbial food web during the Arctic winterPedrós-Alió, Carlos; Alonso-Sáez, Laura; Fernández-Gómez, Beatriz; Sala, M. Montserrat; Vaqué, Dolors; Rodríguez-Martínez, Raquel; Massana, Ramon; Bertilsson, S.; Galand, Pierre E.; Casamayor, Emilio O.Comunicación de congreso
May-2014The phylogenetic and ecological context of cultured and whole genome-sequenced planktonic bacteria from the coastal NW Mediterranean SeaLekunberri, Itziar; Gasol, Josep M.; Acinas, Silvia G.; Gómez-Consarnau, Laura; Crespo, B. G.; Casamayor, Emilio O.; Massana, Ramon; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos; Pinhassi, JaroneArtículo
Jan-2012The Rare Bacterial BiospherePedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
9-Aug-2011Transcriptome Fingerprinting Analysis: An Approach to Explore Gene Expression Patterns in Marine Microbial CommunitiesColl-Lladó, Montserrat; Acinas, Silvia G.; Pujades, Cristina; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
24-Jun-2012Understanding the tsunami of sequencesPedrós-Alió, CarlosComunicación de congreso
Feb-2011Understanding the tsunami of sequencesPedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
13-Jun-2008Unveiling new microbial eukaryotes in the surface oceanMassana, Ramon; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
9-Jul-2012Unveiling the metabolism of polar archaea through metagenomics and single-cell approachesAlonso-Sáez, Laura; Waller, A.; Mende, D.; Estrada, Marta; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos; Tremblay, J. E.; Lovejoy, Connie; Bork, P. Peer; Bertilsson, S.Comunicación de congreso
Aug-2014Winter bloom of a rare betaproteobacterium in the Arctic OceanAlonso-Sáez, Laura; Zeder, Michael; Harding, Tommy; Pernthaler, Jakob; Lovejoy, Connie; Bertilsson, S.; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
Sep-2008Winter-to-summer changes in the composition and single-cell activity of near-surface Arctic prokaryotesAlonso-Sáez, Laura; Sánchez, Olga; Gasol, Josep M.; Balagué, Vanessa; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo

Showing results 69 to 88 of 88