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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
7-Jul-2005Rac1b and reactive oxygen species mediate MMP-3-induced EMT and genomic instabilityRadisky, Derek C.; Levy, Dinah D.; Littlepage, Laurie E.; Liu, Hong; Nelson, Celeste M.; Fata, Jimmie E.; Leake, Devin; Godden, Elizabeth L.; Albertson, Donna G.; Nieto, M. Ángela; Werb, Zena; Bissell, Mina J.Artículo
15-Mar-2007Reactivation of Snail Genes in Renal Fibrosis and Carcinomas: A Process of Reversed Embryogenesis?Boutet, Agnès; Esteban, Miguel A.; Maxwell, Patrick H.; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Sep-2011Reciprocal repression between Sox3 and Snail transcription factors defines embryonic territories at gastrulationAcloque, Hervé; Ocaña, Oscar H.; Matheu, Ander; Rizzoti, Karine; Wise, Clare; Lovell-Badge, Robin; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Dec-1995Regulative response of the cranial neural tube after neural fold ablation: spatiotemporal nature of neural crest regeneration and up-regulation of SlugSechrist, John; Nieto, M. Ángela; Zamanian, Roham T.; Bronner-Fraser, MarianneArtículo
18-Apr-1995Relationship between spatially restricted Krox-20 gene expression in branchial neural crest and segmentation in the chick embryo hindbrainNieto, M. Ángela; Sechrist, John; Wilkinson, David G.; Bronner-Fraser, MarianneArtículo
Jan-2004Relative expression of Slug, RhoB, and HNK-1 in the cranial neural crest of the early chicken embryoBarrio, Marta G. del; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
20-Aug-1999Reorganizing the Organizer 75 Years OnNieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
21-Jan-2011Repression of Puma by Scratch2 is required for neuronal survival during embryonic developmentRodríguez-Aznar, E.; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Jan-2010Review of the recently defined molecular mechanisms underlying thanatophoric dysplasia and their potential therapeutic implications for achondroplasiaMartínez-Frías, María Luisa; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Bermejo, Eva; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
1-Sep-2008Riding the right wave: would the real neural crest please stand up?Barrallo-Gimeno, Alejandro; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
1-Jun-2001Role of FGFs in the control of programmed cell death during limb developmentMontero, Juan Antonio; Gañán, Yolanda; Macías, D.; Rodríguez-León, Joaquín; Sanz-Ezquerro, Juan José; Merino, Ramón; Chimal-Monroy, Jesús; Nieto, M. Ángela; Hurle, M.Artículo
Jul-1994Several receptor tyrosine kinase genes of the Eph family are segmentally expressed in the developing hindbrainBecker, Nathalie; Seitanidou, Tania; Murphy, Paula; Mattéi, Marie-Geneviève; Topilko, Piotr; Nieto, M. Ángela; Wilkinson, David G.; Charnay, Patrick; Gilardi-Hebenstreit, PascaleArtículo
May-1997Slug, a zinc finger gene previously implicated in the early patterning of the mesoderm and the neural crest, is also involved in chick limb developmentRos, María A.; Sefton, Mark; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Nov-2006Snail activation disrupts tissue homeostasis and induces fibrosis in the adult kidneyBoutet, Agnès; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Maxwell, Patrick H.; Mayol, M. José; Romero, J.; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
1-Jun-2004Snail and E47 repressors of E-cadherin induce distinct invasive and angiogenic properties in vivoPeinado, Héctor; Marín, Faustino; Cubillo, Eva; Nieto, M. Ángela; Cano, AmparoArtículo
2004Snail blocks the cell cycle and confers resistance to cell deathVega, Sonia; Morales, Aixa V.; Ocaña, Oscar H.; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
1-Jan-2004Snail family members and cell survival in physiological and pathological cleft palatesMartínez-Álvarez, Concepción; Blanco Fernández de Valderrama, María José; Pérez, Raquel; Rabadán, M. Angeles; Aparicio, Marta; Resel, Eva; Martínez, Tamara; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Mar-2008Snail genes and renal diseases: what we learn from organogenesisBoutet, Agnès; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
27-Jun-2005The Snail genes as inducers of cell movement and survival: implications in development and cancerBarrallo-Gimeno, Alejandro; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Jan-2007Snail genes at the crossroads of symmetric and asymmetric processes in the developing mesodermMorales, Aixa V.; Acloque, Hervé; Ocaña, Oscar H.; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Gold, Verónica; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo

Showing results 71 to 90 of 115