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18-Oct-2001Effects of salinity on growth and leaf water relations of two genotypes of Limonium sp.Morales, María Angeles; Torrecillas Melendreras, Arturo; Rodríguez, Pedro; Alarcón Cabañero, Juan José; Sánchez-Blanco, María JesúsArtículo
Sep-2000Growth and water relations of Lotus creticus creticus plants as affected by salinityMorales, María Angeles; Alarcón Cabañero, Juan José; Torrecillas Melendreras, Arturo; Sánchez-Blanco, María JesúsArtículo
14-Mar-2005High temperature effects on photosynthetic activity of two tomato cultivars with different heat susceptibilityCamejo, Daymi; Rodríguez, Pedro; Morales, María Angeles; Dell' Amico, José; Torrecillas Melendreras, Arturo; Alarcón Cabañero, Juan JoséArtículo
30-May-2003Paclobutrazol as aid to reduce the effects of salt stress in Rhamnus alaternus seedlingsBañón, Sebastián; Ochoa, J.; Martínez López, Juan Antonio; Fernández, J. A.; Alarcón Cabañero, Juan José; Morales, María Angeles; Sánchez-Blanco, María JesúsArtículo
4-Nov-2004Variations in water status, gas exchange, and growth in Rosmarinus officinalis plants infected with Glomus deserticola under drought conditionsSánchez-Blanco, María Jesús; Ferrández, Trinitario; Morales, María Angeles; Morte, Asunción; Alarcón Cabañero, Juan JoséArtículo

Showing results 4 to 8 of 8