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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010A generalized fisher equation and its utility in chemical kineticsRoss, John; Villaverde, A. F.; Banga, Julio R.; Vázquez, Sara; Morán, FedericoArtículo
1993Circular dichroism analysis of ligand-induced conformational changes in protein kinase C. Mechanism of translocation of the enzyme from the cytosol to the membranes and its implicationsBoscá, Lisardo; Morán, FedericoArtículo
2014Computationally efficient network inference using information theory: fMIDERVillaverde, A. F.; Morán, Federico; Banga, Julio R.Póster
14-Mar-2007Functional, fractal nonlinear response with application to rate processes with memory, allometry, and population geneticsVlad, Marcel O.; Morán, Federico; Popa, Vlad T.; Szedlacsek, Stefan E.; Ross, JohnArtículo
24-Dec-2003Large-scale emergent properties of an autocatalytic reaction-diffusion model subject to noiseHochberg, David; Lesmes, Felipe; Morán, Federico; Pérez-Mercader, JuanArtículo
2014MIDER: Network inference with mutual information distance and entropy reductionVillaverde, A. F.; Ross, John; Morán, Federico; Banga, Julio R.Artículo
2012Multi-criteria optimization of regulation in metabolic networkHiguera, Clara; Villaverde, A. F.; Banga, Julio R.; Ross, John; Morán, FedericoArtículo
1991PASHEMOS: a versatile program written in Pascal to simulate patterns on the shells of molluscs, according to the Meinhardt model.Hernández, Rafael; Esteban, José A.; García, Margarita; Morán, FedericoArtículo
Jan-2003Reductive genome evolution in Buchnera aphidicolaHam, Roeland C.H.J. van; Kamerbeek, Judith; Palacios, Carmen; Rausell, Carolina; Abascal, Federico; Bastolla, Ugo; Fernández, José M.; Jiménez, Luis; Postigo, Marina; Silva-Moreno, Francisco; Tamames, Javier; Viguera, Enrique; Latorre-Castillo, Amparo; Valencia, Alfonso; Morán, Federico; Moya-Simarro, AndrésArtículo
31-May-2005Spatiotemporal patterns driven by autocatalytic internal reaction noiseHochberg, David; Zorzano, María Paz; Morán, FedericoArtículo
2011Use of a generalized fisher equation for global optimization in chemical kineticsVillaverde, A. F.; Ross, John; Morán, Federico; Balsa-Canto, Eva; Banga, Julio R.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 11 of 11