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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005The dynamics of activated surface diffusionMiret-Artés, Salvador; Pollak, EliArtículo
6-Jun-2010The role of Bohmian Mechanics in the understanding of the new challenges arising in quantum physicsSanz, Ángel S.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorPóster
2012The role of trajectories in quantum chemistry and chemical physicsSanz, Ángel S.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorCapítulo de libro
2001The structure of a weakly bound ionic trimer: Calculations for the 4He2H- complexGianturco, Franco Antonio; Paesani, F.; Baccarelli, Isabella; Delgado Barrio, Gerardo; González Lezana, Tomás; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Villarreal, Pablo; Bendazzoli, G.B.; Evangelisti, S.Artículo
2000The weakly bound ground state of the LiHe_2 triatomic systemBaccarelli, Isabella; Delgado Barrio, Gerardo; Gianturco, Franco Antonio; González Lezana, Tomás; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Villarreal, PabloArtículo
1992Theoretical approaches to study the vibrational predissociation of van der Waals moleculesDelgado Barrio, Gerardo; Serna, S.; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Roncero, Octavio; Campos-Martínez, José; Villarreal, PabloArtículo
15-Apr-2009A theoretical investigation on the spectrum of the Ar trimer for high rotational excitationsMárquez-Mijares, Maykel; Pérez de Tudela, Ricardo; González Lezana, Tomás; Roncero, Octavio; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Delgado Barrio, Gerardo; Villarreal, Pablo; Baccarelli, Isabella; Gianturco, Franco Antonio; Rubayo-Soneira, JesúsArtículo
24-May-2013Theoretical spectroscopic study of van der Waals systemsDelgado Barrio, Gerardo; Villarreal, Pablo; Mareca, P.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorComunicación de congreso
1986Theoretical spectroscopic study of van der Waals systemsDelgado Barrio, Gerardo; Villarreal, Pablo; Mareca, P.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorArtículo
1994Theoretical Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Tetra-Atomic Van Der Waals ClustersDelgado Barrio, Gerardo; García Vela, Alberto; Rubayo-Soneira, Jesús; Campos-Martínez, José; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Roncero, Octavio; Villarreal, PabloCapítulo de libro
4-Jul-2010Thinking AMO physics in Bohmian terms: A basis for novel quantum interpretationsSanz, Ángel S.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorPóster
2010Three dimensional classical theory of rainbow scattering of atoms from surfacesPollak, Eli; Miret-Artés, SalvadorArtículo
1997Threshold resonances in classical chaotic atom-surface scatteringGuantes, R.; Borondo, Florentino; Margalef Roig, Juan; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Manson, J:R.Artículo
1991Time-dependent golden rule treatment of the He-Cu(110) elastic scatteringHernández, M.; Serna, S.; Roncero, Octavio; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Villarreal, Pablo; Delgado Barrio, GerardoArtículo
2010Towards the detection of parity symmetry breaking in chiral moleculesGonzalo, Isabel; Bargueño, Pedro; Pérez de Tudela, Ricardo; Miret-Artés, SalvadorArtículo
2012Transmission properties in waveguides: An optical streamline analysisSanz, Ángel S.; Campos-Martínez, José; Miret-Artés, SalvadorPre-print
4-Feb-2010Two-bath model for activated surface diffusion of interacting adsorbatesMartínez Casado, R.; Sanz, Ángel S.; Rojas Lorenzo, G.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorArtículo
2009Understanding chemical reactions within a generalized Hamilton-Jacobi frameworkSanz, Ángel S.; Giménez, Xavier; Bofill, Josep M.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorPre-print
2010Understanding interference experiments with polarized light through photon trajectoriesSanz, Ángel S.; Davidovic, M.; Bozic, M.; Miret-Artés, SalvadorPre-print
25-Jul-2007Vibrational and rotational bound states in floppy triatomic systems: The distributed Gaussian functions approachBaccarelli, Isabella; Gianturco, Franco Antonio; González Lezana, Tomás; Delgado Barrio, Gerardo; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Villarreal, PabloArtículo

Showing results 153 to 172 of 172