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openAccess44207_FINAL.pdf.jpg2011Semiconductor laser dynamics at IFISCColet, Pere ; Fischer, Ingo ; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Pérez Serrano, Antonio ; Scirè, Alessandro Artículo
closedAccess23-Feb-2009Sex-related similarities and differences in the neural correlates of beautyCela Conde, Camilo J. ; Ayala, Francisco J.; Munar, Enric; Maestú, Fernando; Nadal, Marcos; Capó, Miguel A.; Río, David del; López-Ibor, Juan J.; Ortiz, Tomás; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Marty, GisèleArtículo
openAccessPhysRevE.85.040902.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2012Signal integration enhances the dynamic range in neuronal systemsGollo, Leonardo L.; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Eguíluz, Víctor M. Artículo
openAccessspie04-1.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2004Simple Interpretation of the Dynamics of Mutually Coupled Semiconductor Lasers with DetuningVicente, Raúl; Mulet, Josep; Sciamanna, Marc; Mirasso, Claudio R. Comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2013Spectral properties and synchronization scenarios of two mutually delay-coupled semiconductor lasersArroyo-Almanza, Diana A.; Pisarchik, A. N.; Fischer, Ingo ; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Soriano, Miguel C.Artículo
openAccessstatistical.pdf.jpg1999Statistical properties of low-frequency fluctuations during single-mode operation in distributed-feedback lasers: Experiments and modelingHeil, Tilmann; Fischer, Ingo ; Elsässer, Wolfgang; Mulet, Josep; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
openAccessStochastic dynamics of polarization switching in VCSELs.pdf.jpg2002Stochastic dynamics of polarization switching in VCSELsDanckaert, Jan; Peeters, Michael; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; San Miguel, Maxi Comunicación de congreso
openAccessBuldu_et_al_PRE_66_021106_2002.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2002Stochastic entrainment of optical power dropoutsBuldú, Javier M.; García-Ojalvo, Jordi; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Torrent, M. C.Artículo
openAccessJSTQE-Jan.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2004Stochastic polarization switching dynamics in Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers: Theory and ExperimentDanckaert, Jan; Peeters, Michael; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; San Miguel, Maxi ; Verschaffelt, Guy; Albert, Jan; Nagler, Bob; Unold, Heiko; Michalzik, Rainer; Giacomelli, Giovanni; Marin, FrancescoArtículo
closedAccess16-Jun-2007Stochastic Resonance in the Motor System: Effects of Noise on the Monosynaptic Reflex Pathway of the Cat Spinal CordMartínez, Lourdes; Pérez, Toni; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Manjarrez, ElíasArtículo
openAccesssuppression_deterministic_stochastic_Zamora.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2014Suppression of deterministic and stochastic extreme desynchronization events using anticipated synchronizationZamora-Munt, J. ; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Toral, Raúl Artículo
openAccessPRA-TUCSON.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2001Synchronization and multi-mode dynamcis of mutually coupled semiconductor lasersMirasso, Claudio R. ; Kolesik, Miroslav; Matus, Marcelo; White, J. K.; Moloney, Jerome V.Artículo
openAccesschaos-final.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2006Synchronization by dynamical relaying in electronic circuit arraysGomes, Iacyel; Buldú, Javier M.; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; García-Ojalvo, JordiArtículo
openAccessSorianoetalSync_wo_corr.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2012Synchronization in simple network motifs with negligible correlation and mutual information measuresSoriano, Miguel C.; Sande, G. Van der; Fischer, Ingo ; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1996Synchronization of chaotic semiconductor lasers: Application to encoded communicationsMirasso, Claudio R. ; Colet, Pere ; García-Fernández, P.Artículo
openAccessSynchronization of Chaotic Systems by Common Random Forcing.pdf.jpg31-Jan-1999Synchronization of chaotic systems by common random forcingToral, Raúl ; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Hernández-García, Emilio ; Piro, Oreste Comunicación de congreso
openAccessPRE-Recife.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2007Synchronization Properties of Bidirectionally Coupled Semiconductor Lasers Under Asymmetric Operating ConditionsMartínez Ávila, Jhon Fredy; Vicente, Raúl; Rios Leite, José R.; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
closedAccess23-Jul-2004Synchronization Properties of Chaotic Semiconductor Lasers and Applications to EncryptionMirasso, Claudio R. ; Vicente, Raúl; Colet, Pere ; Mulet, Josep; Pérez, ToniArtículo
openAccessPRE-Miguel.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2008Synchronization properties of coupled semiconductor lasers subject to filtered optical feedbackSoriano, Miguel C.; Ruiz-Oliveras, Flavio; Colet, Pere ; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
openAccessPRE-3laserSync-08.pdf.jpg25-Dec-2008Synchronization properties of three delay-coupled semiconductor lasersVicente, Raúl; Fischer, Ingo ; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo