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openAccessparallel_photonic_information_Brunner.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2013Parallel photonic information processing at gigabyte per second data rates using transient statesBrunner, Daniel ; Soriano, Miguel C.; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Fischer, Ingo Artículo
openAccessAPL-optsync.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2002Periodic entrainment of power dropouts in mutually coupled semiconductor lasersBuldú, Javier M.; Vicente, Raúl; Pérez, Toni; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Torrent, M. C.; García-Ojalvo, JordiArtículo
openAccessPhysRevE.82.046212.pdf.jpg2010Permutation-information-theory approach to unveil delay dynamics from time-series analysisZunino, Luciano ; Soriano, Miguel C.; Fischer, Ingo ; Rosso, Osvaldo A.; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
closedAccess1-Jan-2007Phantom reflexes: Muscle contractions at a frequency not physically present in the input stimuliManjarrez, Elías; Balenzuela, Pablo; García-Ojalvo, Jordi; Vázquez, E. E.; Martínez, Lourdes; Flores, Amira; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
openAccessarticle.pdf.jpg14-Jan-2008Phase-shifts in stochastic resonance in a Chua circuitKorneta, Wojciech; Gomes, Iacyel; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Toral, Raúl Pre-print
openAccessLarger_OE12.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2012Photonic information processing beyond Turing: an optoelectronic implementation of reservoir computingLarger, Laurent ; Soriano, Miguel C.; Brunner, Daniel ; Appeltant, Lennert; Gutiérrez, José M.; Pesquera, Luis; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Fischer, Ingo Artículo
openAccessPRL13901.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2003Polarization message encoding through vectorial chaos synchronization in vertical-cavity surface-emiting lasersScirè, Alessandro ; Mulet, Josep; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Danckaert, Jan; San Miguel, Maxi Artículo
openAccessPolarization_resolved.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2001Polarization resolved intensity noise in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasersMulet, Josep; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; San Miguel, Maxi Artículo
openAccess10.1117_12.pdf.jpg2006Polarization switching dynamics and bistability in mutually coupled vertical cavity surface emitting lasersVicente, Raúl; Mulet, Josep; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
openAccessCiszak_et_al_PRE_043203_2009.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2009Predict-prevent control method for perturbed excitable systemsCiszak, Marzena; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Toral, Raúl ; Calvo, ÓscarArtículo
openAccess002614_10.pdf.jpgFeb-2010Private communication using chaotic lightMirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
openAccessGetPDFServlet.pdf.jpg10-Apr-1995Pulse width reduction in single mode diode lasers via external injection of optical pulsesMirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
openAccessgtmg03.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2003The role of noise in some physical and biological systemsGunton, James D.; Toral, Raúl ; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Gracheva, M. E.Capítulo de libro
openAccessopenvsclosedloopschemefinal.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2009Security Implications of Open- and Closed-Loop Receivers in All-Optical Chaos-Based CommunicationsSoriano, Miguel C.; Colet, Pere ; Mirasso, Claudio R. Artículo
openAccesscortical_populations_Matias.PDF.jpg16-Oct-2015Self-organized near-zero-lag synchronization induced by spike-timing dependent plasticity in cortical populationsMatias, Fernanda S. ; Carelli, Pedro V.; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Copelli, MauroArtículo
openAccessSelf-pulsating.pdf.jpg1999Self-pulsating semiconductor lasers: Theory and experimentMirasso, Claudio R. ; Hernández-García, Emilio ; San Miguel, Maxi Artículo
openAccess9906027v1.pdf.jpg1999Self-Pulsating Semiconductor Lasers: Theory and ExperimentMirasso, Claudio R. ; Hernández-García, Emilio ; San Miguel, Maxi Artículo
openAccess44207_FINAL.pdf.jpg2011Semiconductor laser dynamics at IFISCColet, Pere ; Fischer, Ingo ; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Pérez Serrano, Antonio ; Scirè, Alessandro Artículo
closedAccess23-Feb-2009Sex-related similarities and differences in the neural correlates of beautyCela Conde, Camilo J. ; Ayala, Francisco J.; Munar, Enric; Maestú, Fernando; Nadal, Marcos; Capó, Miguel A.; Río, David del; López-Ibor, Juan J.; Ortiz, Tomás; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Marty, GisèleArtículo
openAccessPhysRevE.85.040902.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2012Signal integration enhances the dynamic range in neuronal systemsGollo, Leonardo L.; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Eguíluz, Víctor M. Artículo