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30-Jan-2014Neospora caninum infection during early pregnancy in cattle: how the isolate influences infection dynamics, clinical outcome and peripheral and local immune responsesRegidor-Cerrillo, Javier; Arranz-Solís, D.; Benavides, Julio; Gómez-Bautista, Mercedes; Castro-Hermida, J. A.; Mezo, Mercedes; Pérez Pérez, Valentín; Ortega Mora, Luis M.; González-Warleta, M.Artículo
2011Preliminary study of the genetic variability of Calicophoron daubneyi (paramphistomidae) in cattle in north-west SpainMartínez Ibeas, Ana; González-Warleta, M.; Mezo, Mercedes; Martínez Valladares, María; González Lanza, Camino; Miñambres Rodríguez, Baltasar; Castro-Hermida, J. A.; Pérez Pérez, Valentín; Ferreras, Mª del Carmen; Manga-González, M. YolandaPóster
2010Study on the intraorganic location of paramphistomidae flukes infecting adult cattle in Galicia (Spain) and the species identificationGonzález-Warleta, M.; Martínez Valladares, María; Martínez Ibeas, Ana; Castro-Hermida, J. A.; Miñambres Rodríguez, Baltasar; González Lanza, Camino; Mezo, Mercedes; Manga-González, M. YolandaPóster

Showing results 7 to 9 of 9