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2014ITH12410/SC058: A New Neuroprotective Compound with Potential in the Treatment of Alzheimer's DiseaseRomero, Alejandro; Egea, Javier; González-Muñoz, Gema C.; Martín de Saavedra, María Dolores; Barrio, Laura del; Rodriguez-Franco, María Isabel; Conde, Santiago; Lopez, Manuela G.; Villarroya, Mercedes; Ríos, Cristóbal de losArtículo
2011N-Acylaminophenothiazines: neuroprotective agents displaying multifunctional activities for a potential treatment of Alzheimer’s diseaseGonzález Muñoz, Gema C.; Arce, Mariana P.; López, Beatriz; López, Beatriz; Romero, Alejandro; del Barrio, Laura; Martín de Saavedra, María Dolores; Egea, Javier; León, Rafael; Villarroya, Mercedes; López, Manuela G.; García, Antonio G.; Conde, Santiago; Rodríguez Franco, María IsabelArtículo

Showing results 1 to 2 of 2