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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Self organization in oleic acid-coated CoFe2O4 colloids: a SAXS studyFernández van Raap, M. B.; Torres, T. E.; Marquina, ClaraArtículo
Mar-2006Structure and magnetic properties of RNi2Mn compounds (R=Tb, Dy, Ho, and Er)Wang, J. L.; Marquina, Clara; Ibarra, M. Ricardo; Wu, G. H.Artículo
2012Synthesis and characterization of ultra-small magnetic FeNi/G and NiCo/G nanoparticlesCastrillón, M.; Mayoral, Álvaro; Magen, C.; Marquina, Clara; Irusta, L.; Santamaría, J.Artículo
2012Synthesis, application and tracking of magnetic carbon coated nanoparticles in plantsPérez de Luque, Alejandro; Cifuentes, Zuny; Marquina, Clara; Fuente, Jesús M. de la; Ibarra, M. RicardoCapítulo de libro
6-Nov-2006Two- and three-dimensional magnetic ordering in the bilayer manganite Ca2.5Sr0.5GaMn2O8Yusuf, S. M.; Teresa, José María de; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Mukadam, M. D.; Mirebeau, I.; Mignot, J.-M.; Marquina, Clara; Ibarra, M. RicardoArtículo
2012Ultrathin MgO Coating of Superparamagnetic Magnetite Nanoparticles by Combined Coprecipitation and Sol–Gel SynthesisMatteis, Laura de; Custardoy, Laura; Fernández-Pacheco, Rodrigo; Magen, C.; Fuente, Jesús M. de la; Marquina, Clara; Ibarra, M. RicardoArtículo

Showing results 14 to 19 of 19