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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
30-Jul-2013Modeling zero-lag synchronization of dorsal horn neurons during the traveling of electrical waves in the cat spinal cordKato, Hideyuki; Cuéllar, Carlos A.; Delgado-Lezama, Rodolfo; Rudomín, Pablo; Jiménez-Estrada, Ismael; Manjarrez, Elías; Mirasso, Claudio R.Artículo
1-Jan-2007Phantom reflexes: Muscle contractions at a frequency not physically present in the input stimuliManjarrez, Elías; Balenzuela, Pablo; García-Ojalvo, Jordi; Vázquez, E. E.; Martínez, Lourdes; Flores, Amira; Mirasso, Claudio R.Artículo
16-Jun-2007Stochastic Resonance in the Motor System: Effects of Noise on the Monosynaptic Reflex Pathway of the Cat Spinal CordMartínez, Lourdes; Pérez, Toni; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Manjarrez, ElíasArtículo

Showing results 4 to 6 of 6